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Meaning of the Name Bala

The first name Bala is of Indian, Hindu origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Indian: an ever 9 year old girl, a young girl
Hindu: A Young Girl
Hindu: Girl
Hindu: Child

Similar Names

Baal | Baali | Baily | Bal | Bali | Balu | Baul | Bayly | Beal | Beale |

Related Names

Askelon  (Biblical)
Weight, Balance, Fire of Infamy
Askelon  (Biblical)
Weight, Balance, Fire of Infamy
Balaaditya  (Indian)
young sun
Balaam  (Biblical)
The Ancient of the People, the Destruction of the People
Balabhadra  (Hindu)
Fortunate; Lucky
Balachandra  (Indian)
young moon
Balachandra  (Hindu)
Rising Moon
Baladan  (Biblical)
One Without Judgment
Baladan  (Biblical)
One Without Judgment
Baladev  (Hindu)
Strong Person
Balahadra  (Indian)
Brother of Krishna
Balaji  (Indian)
a name of Vishnu
Balak  (Biblical)
Who Lays Waste or Destroys
Balakrishna  (Indian)
young krishna
Balakrishna  (Hindu)
Young Krishna
Balamani  (Indian)
young jewel
Balamohan  (Indian)
one who is attractive
Balamy  (English)
Variant of Bellamy: Good-looking Companion
Balara  (Latin)
Balaram  (Hindu)
Sri Krishna 's Brother
Balarama  (Indian)
Brother of Krishna
Balark  (Hindu)
Rising Sun
Balasi  (Greek)
Flat Footed
Balasi  (Basque)
Flat Footed
Balaza  (Latin)
Balen  (Arthurian Legend)
Brother of Balaan
Balen  (Hindu)
Variant of Bala: Child
Balin  (Arthurian Legend)
Brother of Balaan
Balu  (Hindu)
Diminutive of Balabhadra: Fortunate; Lucky. Also a Variant of Bala: Child
Balun  (Hindu)
Variant of Bala: Child
Berodach-baladan  (Biblical)
The Son of Death
Borbala  (Latin)
Madhubala  (Hindu)
Sweet Girl
Madhubala  (Indian)
sweet girl
Mahabala  (Indian)
great strength
Merodach-baladan  (Biblical)
Bitter Contrition, Without Judgment
Revati  (Hindu)
Wife of Balarama, a Star
Revati  (Indian)
wife of Balarama, a star
Vivian  (Latin)
Lively or Alive, Discerning, Well-balanced, Refined, Enterprising

Additional Names

Celina | Gemma | Vivian | Dom | Zelde | Silvester | Pisgah | Hannaan | Mahlon | Lucette | Dudley | Verda | Penney | Laralaine | Gweneth |