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Meaning of the Name Alon

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The first name Alon is of Hebrew, English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Hebrew: Oak
English: Variant of Alan: Fair; Handsome. Also Both a Diminutive of Albert (Noble, Bright) and an Abbreviation of Names Beginning With Al-

Similar Names

Ailen | Ailin | Alain | Alam | Alan | Alano | Alawn | Alem | Alen | Aleyn |

Related Names

Absalon  (Hebrew)
Variant of Absalom: Father of Peace; Handsome Prince
Accalon  (Arthurian Legend)
Lover of Morgan Le Fay
Aitziber  (Basque)
Reference to the Virgin Mary (Ainhoa,Aitziber,Alona)
Ajalon  (Biblical)
A Chain, Strength, a Stag
Ajalon  (Biblical)
A Chain, Strength, a Stag
Alanza  (Spanish)
Ready for Battle. Feminine of Alonzo
Aleen  (Dutch)
Alene  (Dutch)
Alina  (Dutch)
Aline  (Dutch)
Alona  (Hebrew)
Strong As an Oak
Alona  (Spanish)
Alona  (Basque)
Refers to the Virgin Mary
Alona  (Irish)
Beautiful. Dear Child
Alondra  (Spanish)
Variant of Alexandra: Defender of Mankind
Alonna  (Irish)
Beautiful. Dear Child
Alonsa  (German)
Alonsa  (Spanish)
Ready or Noble
Alonso  (Teutonic)
Eager for War
Alonso  (Spanish)
Eager for Battle; Form of Alphonse: See Alfonso
Alonso  (Italian)
Form of Alphonse: See Alfonso
Alonso  (Shakespearean)
'The Tempest' Alonso, King of Naples
Alonso  (German)
Variant of Alphonso: from Old German Adalfuns Meaning Noble-ready. Common in Spain
Alonza  (Italian)
Ready for Battle
Alonza  (Teutonic)
Eager for War
Alonzo  (Italian)
Form of Alphonse: See Alfonso
Alonzo  (Teutonic)
Eager for War
Alonzo  (Greek)
Ready Willing
Alonzo  (Spanish)
Eager for Battle
Alonzo  (German)
Ready for a Fight
Avalon  (Latin)
Avalon  (Arthurian Legend)
Arthur's Burial Place
Bedad  (Biblical)
Alone, Solitary
Bedad  (Biblical)
Alone, Solitary
Carlyann  (English)
Carly Derives from the Name Carlotta and Ann is from the Name Anna. Our Contributor Says: My Parents Combined the Two Names As Carly Alone Did Not Go With My Surname
Cavalon  (Arthurian Legend)
Name of a King
Chalondra  (African)
Dalon  (Irish)
Variant of Dallin 'Blind.'
Enkoodabaoo  (Native American)
One Who Lives Alone (Algonquin)
Enkoodabooaoo  (Native American)
One Who Lives Alone (Algonquin)
Enola  ()
Alone Spelled Backwards
Ezhno  (Native American)
He Walks Alone
Falon  (Irish)
In Charge
Fareed  (Muslim)
Variant of Farid: Unique. Alone
Farid  (Muslim)
Unique. Alone
Giles  (Greek)
With the Aegis, Impulsive, Loving, Loyal, Hates to Be Alone
Halona  (Native American)
Halona  (Native American)
Happy Fortune
86 names found for "Alon"   (page 1 of 2) 

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