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Baby names beginning with "I"

728 names found for "I"   (page 6 of 15) 

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Immanuel  (Biblical)
God With Us
Immer  (Biblical)
Saying, Speaking, a Lamb
Immy  (English)
Diminutive of Imogen: Innocent. Last Born. The Name of the Heroine of Shakespeare's Play Cymbehoe As a Result of a Printing Error in the Folio Edition of the Play
Imnah  (Biblical)
Right Hand; Numbering; Preparing
Imogen  (Shakespearean)
'Cymbeline' Daughter to Cymbeline by a Former Queen
Imogene  (Latin)
Image, Likeness
Imogenia  (Latin)
Image. Blameless; Innocent
Imperia  (Latin)
Imraan  (Muslim)
Variant of Imran: a Prophet's Name
Imrah  (Biblical)
A Rebel, Waxing Bitter, Changing
Imrah  (Biblical)
A Rebel, Waxing Bitter, Changing
Imran  (Muslim)
A Prophet's Name
Imre  (Teutonic)
Hard Working
Imri  (Biblical)
Speaking, Exalting, Bitter, a Lamb
Imrin  (Muslim)
The Biblical Areran is the English Language Equivalent
Imtiaaz  (Muslim)
Variant of Imtiaz: Privilege. Distinction
Imtiaz  (Muslim)
Privilege. Distinction
Imtithal  (Muslim)
Polite Obedience
In'aam  (Muslim)
Variant of In'Am: Gift. Grant
In'am  (Muslim)
Gift. Grant
In'am  (Muslim)
Act of Kindness. Benefaction. Bestowal
Ina  (English)
A Diminutive of Any Names Ending in 'Ina' or 'Ena' (Ie. Christina) Used As a Nickname. Famous Bearer: in Queen Victoria's Granddaughter Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena, Known As Princess Ena, Became Queen
Inachus  (Greek)
A River God
Inaki  (Basque)
Inara  (Arabic)
Ray of Light, Heaven Sent
Inari  (Japanese)
Inas  (Muslim)
Inayat  (Muslim)
Concern Attention
Inbal  (Hebrew)
Clapper Inside the Bell That Makes it Ring
Inca  (Scandinavian)
Ing's Abundance. Feminine of Ing Who Was Norse Mythological God of the Earth's Fertility
Ince  (Hungarian)
Incendio  (Spanish)
Inda  (English)
The Country India
Indee  (English)
The Country India
Indeever  (Indian)
blue lotus
Indeg  (Welsh)
Legendary Daughter of Ganky
Independence  (American)
Inder  (Hindu)
Supreme God
Indi  (Hindu)
India  (English)
From India
India  (Biblical)
Praise, Law
Indiana  (English)
The Country India
Indigo  (Latin)
Dark Blue
Indira  (Sanskrit)
Indira  (Hindu)
God of Heaven and Thunderstorms
Indivar  (Hindu)
Blue Lotus
Indiya  (American)
Philosophical One
Indra  (Hindu)
God of Heaven and Thunderstorms
Indra  (Hindu)
God of Rain and Thunder
Indradutt  (Indian)
gift of Indra
728 names found for "I"   (page 6 of 15) 

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