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Meaning of the Name Wulf

The first name Wulf is of Anglo Saxon, English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Anglo Saxon: Wolf
English: Wolf

Similar Names

Wilf | Wolf | Wolfe |

Related Names

Aethelwulf  (Anglo Saxon)
Name of a King
Bardawulf  (English)
Ax Wolf
Beornwulf  (Anglo Saxon)
Name of a King
Beowulf  (Anglo Saxon)
Intelligent Wolf
Ceolwulf  (Anglo Saxon)
Name of a King
Ethelwulf  (Anglo Saxon)
Name of a King
Friduwulf  (English)
Peaceful Wolf
Kenelm  (English)
Defends the Family. from Old English Words for 'Brave' and 'Helmet'. in the Th Century, St. Kenelm Was Murdered by His Sister After the Death of His Father, King Coenwulf of Mercia. This Name is Used
Odwulf  (English)
Wealthy Wolf
Wselfwulf  (Anglo Saxon)
Wolf of Slaughter
Wulfcot  (English)
Lives in Wolfe's Cottage
Wulffrith  (English)
Wolf of Peace
Wulfgar  (Anglo Saxon)
Wolf Spear
Wulfgar  (English)
Wolf Spear
Wulfhere  (Anglo Saxon)
Name of a King
Wulfsige  (English)
Victorious Wolf
Wulfweardsweorth  (English)
World Guardian

Additional Names

Taliesin | Vidor | Dellinger | Samira | Camey | Lalit | Akkub | Ada | Dorian | Ifama | Lacie | Art | Frey | Aderyn | Leucippe |