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Meaning of the Name Witt

The first name Witt is of English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Wise

Similar Names

Wait | Waite | Wat | Watt | Wiatt | Wido | Wit | Witta | Wyat | Wyatt |

Related Names

Ahihud  (Biblical)
Brother of Vanity; or of Darkness; or of Joy; or of Praise; Witty Brother
Alison  (Teutonic)
Famous War, Witty, Discreet, Courageous
Benedick  (Latin)
Blessed. Popes Have Been Named Benedict. The Benedictines Monastical Order. Shakespeare's Witty Bachelor Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing
Chesmu  (Native American)
Rough; Abrasive; Witty
Clovis  (Teutonic)
Famous War, Rash, Witty, Versatile
DeWitt  (Flemish)
Dewitt  (Dutch)
Dewitt  (German)
Egbert  (Teutonic)
Formidably Bright, Witty, Confident, Imaginative, Sometimes Spiteful
Gavin  (Celtic)
Hawk of Battle, Courageous, Witty, No Deep Worrying, Light-hearted Concerning Love
Hewitt  (German)
Little Hugh
Hewitt  (English)
Little Smart One
Hewlett  (German)
Little Smart One; Computer Genius (Hewe, Hewet, Hewett, Hewie, Hewit, Hewitt)
Oscar  (Celtic)
Bounding Warrior, Ardent, Sagacious, Witty, Has Little Respect for the Opposite Sex
Prewitt  (French)
Brave One
Prewitt  (French)
Richard  (Teutonic)
Stern King, Witty, Energetic, Generous, He Believes in Plain Speaking
Witta  (English)
Wittahere  (English)
Wise Wamor
Wittatun  (English)
From the Wise Man's Estate
Witter  (English)
Wise Wamor
Witton  (English)
From the Wise Man's Estate
Zareef  (Muslim)
Variant of Zarif: Elegant. Witty
Zarif  (Muslim)
Elegant. Witty

Additional Names

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