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Meaning of the Name Siti

The first name Siti is of Egyptian origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Egyptian: Lady

Similar Names

Saith | SciIti | Seith | Set | Seth | Shith | Sid | Sodi | Sotai | Stu |

Related Names

A'idah  (Muslim)
Visiting. Returning. Reward
Adeline  (Teutonic)
Noble Serpent, Passionate, Sensitive, Unforgiving
Anoush  (Armenian)
Sweet Disposition
Antoinette  (French)
Inestimable, Without Price; Feminine Form of Anthony or Antoine. Marie Antoinette - Queen of France (As Wife of Louis Xvi) Who Was Unpopular Because of Her Extravagance and Opposition to Reform Contri
Brady  (Gaelic)
Spirited, Sensitive, Quick
Bruce  (Gaelic)
Positive, Daring
Caradoc  (Celtic)
Beloved, Considerate, Sensitive, Chivalrous
Cecilia  (Latin)
Blind, Other Forms are Cecily, Cicely, Sheila,Kind, Sensitive, Musical
Chenaniah  (Biblical)
Preparation; or Disposition; or Strength of the Lord
Christabel  (Greek)
Fair Christian, Generous, Proud, Resolute, Simple Disposition
Dan  (Vietnamese)
Eulelia  (Greek)
Fair Speech, Coquettish, Not Very Sensitive, Optimistic
Hope  (English)
From the Cardinal Virtue, Sensitive, Forgiving, Lively
Kellicka  (Latin)
Strong Willed: Caring and Loving. Good Charm Sensitive
Neal  (Celtic)
Champion, Other Forms are Niel, Nigel, Talkative, Sensitive, Rational
Oliver  (Latin)
Peace and Joy, Chivalrous, Sensitive, Affectionate
Pansy  ()
From the Plant, Sensitive, Dainty, Talkative, Cheerful Character and Attractive
Petronella  (Greek)
Stone, Excitable, Flirtatious, Fickle, Restless Disposition
Serenity  (English)
Peaceful Disposition
Shambhavi  (Hindu)
A Mudra or Position in Yoga; Another Name of the Hindu Goddess Parvati. Origin: Sanskrit
Sunni  (English)
Bright Disposition (Sunny, Sunnie, Sunita)
Symphony  (English)
A Musical Composition
Tender  (American)
Yo  (Japanese)
Positive (Yoko)
Yoko  (Japanese)
Positive Child, Female
Yoko  (Japanese)
Positive Child
Yoko  (Japanese)
Positive Child,Female

Additional Names

Divyaprakash | Hesperia | Kirit | Alban | F'enton | Mayfield | Joan | Caressa | Frascuelo | Karrah | Medyr | Atum | Smith | Willette | Carbry |