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Meaning of the Name Saga

The first name Saga is of Norwegian, Norse origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Norwegian: Scandinavian Name, Coming from the Word Saga, Which Describes a Story, Usually a Detailed Story of an Ancient Viking Kings Life, Like Snores Saga
Norse: Drank With Odin in Her Hall

Similar Names

Saa | Saagh | Sacha | Sage | Sagh | Sagwau | Sahak | Sajag | Saka | Sasha |

Related Names

Al-basir  (Islamic)
The All-seeing; the Sagacious One, One of the Names of Allah
Amruthasagar  (Hindu)
Sea of Nectar
Arni  (Norse)
In Njal's Saga the Killer of Althing
Asgrim  (Norse)
In Njal's Saga the Chieftain of Tongue
Basir  (Islamic)
Endowed With Insight, Sagacious
Carl  (English)
Man. Famous Bearer: Astronomer Carl Sagan
Fleur  (French)
Flower. Famous Bearer: British Writer John Galsworthy's Heroine in 'The Forsyte Saga'
Helja  (Norse)
Saga Name
Kripasagar  (Hindu)
Full of Kindness
Maria  (Norse)
Name Not Originally Norse But it Appears in Several Sagas and is the Name of King Harald Sigurdsson's Daughter
Oscar  (Celtic)
Bounding Warrior, Ardent, Sagacious, Witty, Has Little Respect for the Opposite Sex
Sagan  (Slavic)
Wise One. Surname
Sagar  (English)
Wise One. Surname
Sagar  (Indian)
sea, ocean

Additional Names

Kallista | Pilib | Agate | Derek | Nandakishor | Seamus | Abdel | Erving | Afsar | Rehoboth | Oratun | Banagher | Josu | Eleanora | Bahram |