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Meaning of the Name Nona

The first name Nona is of Latin origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Latin: Born Ninth. Traditionally Given to the Ninth Child in a Large Family
Latin: Ninth, Moody, Impatient, Gifted, Takes Life Too Seriously
Latin: The Ninth

Similar Names

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Related Names

Annona  (Latin)
Goddess of the Harvest
Anona  (Latin)
From the Latin 'Annona' Meaning Grain Harvest. Also a Compound of Ann and Nona. Famous Bearer: British Radio Personality Anona Winn
Anona  (Latin)
Seasonal Plantings, Connection to Natural
Caitriona  (Gaelic)
Pure, Unsullied; a Gaelic Form of Katherine. Anglicization: Catriona and Catrina. Variations: Caitriana, Catrina, Catriona. Short Forms: Cait, Ceit. Pet: Ceiteag, Tnona. (Kay-tree-o-nah)
Senona  (Spanish)
Triona  (Gaelic)
Pure, Unsullied; a Short Form of Caitnona, Which is the Gaelic Form of Katherine. Variations: Triona. (Tree-o-nah)
Wenona  (Native American)
Firstborn Daughter
Winnie  (English)
A Short Form of Gwyneth; Winona; Wynne. ( Winni, Winny )
Winona  (Native American)
Eldest Daughter,Charitable
Winona  (Native American)
First Born
Winona  (Native American)
First-born (Wynona, Wynonna)
Wynona  (Native American)
From the Name Winona

Additional Names

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