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Meaning of the Name Noah

The first name Noah is of Hebrew, Biblical origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Hebrew: Comfort; Long-lived; Repose. in the Bible, Noah Built the Ark, Allowing His Family and a Male/Female Pair of Every Species of Animal to Survive the Flood
Biblical: Repose; Consolation
Hebrew: Rest, Peace
Hebrew: Rest, Silent, Strong, Slow, Loyal Friend and Devout Lover
Biblical: That Quavers or Totters (Zelophehad's Daughter)

Similar Names

Naam | Nam | Naw | Nay | Neah | Nia | No | Noam | Noe | Noha |

Related Names

Elam  (Hebrew)
Forever. in the Bible One of Five Sons of Noah's Son Shem
Ham  (Hebrew)
Hot. One of the Sons of Noah in the Old Testament Diminutive of Abraham: Father of a Multitude. in the Old Testament Patriarch Abram's Name Was Changed to Abraham When it Was Revealed He Would Be Fath
Janoah  (Biblical)
Resting, Tarrying, Deriving
Janoah  (Biblical)
Resting, Tarrying, Deriving
Japheth  (Hebrew)
May He Expand. Enlargement. May He Grant Ample Room. Japheth Was the Eldest Son of Noah in the Old Testament
Manoah  (Biblical)
Rest, a Present
Nakima  (African)
Noah's Sea
Noe  (Spanish)
Rest;Consolation. Form of Noah
Nooh  (Muslim)
Variant of Nuh: the Biblical Noah is the English Language Equivalent
Nuh  (Muslim)
The Biblical Noah is the English Language Equivalent
Safina  (African)
Noah's Ark
Shem  (Hebrew)
Name; Renown. in the Bible, Shem Was Firstnamed of Noah's Three Sons
Zanoah  (Biblical)
Forgetfulness, Desertion
Zanoah  (Biblical)
Forgetfulness, Desertion

Additional Names

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