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Meaning of the Name Risa

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The first name Risa is of Latin, Hispanic, Czechoslovakian origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Latin: Laughter
Hispanic: Pearl, Precious (Short for Margarita)
Czechoslovakian: Czechoslovakian Form of Richard

Similar Names

Raca | Ra'is | Raisa | Raja | Raka | Raza | Reis | Reza | Rhesa | Ric |

Related Names

Amarisa  (Hebrew)
Given by God
Audrisa  (Teutonic)
Beatrisa  (Spanish)
Brings Happiness. Brings Joy
Brisa  (Spanish)
From Briseis, the Woman Achilles Loved in Homer's Iliad
Brisa  (Greek)
Name of Achilles' Beloved (Greek Mythology); Variations: Brissa, Briza
Carisa  (Latin)
Carisa  (Spanish)
Very Dear
Cha'risa  (Native American)
Elk (Hopi)
Cherisa  (English)
Blend of Cherie and Cerise: Dear One; Darling
Chrisann  (English)
Golden Flower (Chrisanne, Chrysann, Crisann)
Chrisanna  (Spanish)
Variant of Chrysantus
Chrisanne  (Spanish)
Variant of Chrysantus
Clarisa  (Spanish)
Bright; Shining and Gentle; Famous
Clarissa  (English)
Bright, Clear, Famous; an Elaboration of Clara. Also Used to Anglicize Gaelic Caitir. Variations: Clarisa. (Klah-rih-sah)
Clarrisa  (English)
Variant of Claire or Clarice. Bright; Shining and Gentle; Famous
Corisa  (English)
Variant of Cory Meaning Variously: from the Round Hill; Seething Pool; or Ravine
Corisa  (Irish)
Variant of Cory Meaning Variously: from the Round Hill; Seething Pool; Ravine
Crisann  (Spanish)
Variant of Chrysantus
Crisanna  (Spanish)
Variant of Chrysantus
Dorisa  (Greek)
Variant of Doris Meaning Gift. Famous Bearer: in Greek Mythology, Doris Was the Daughter of Oceanus and Mother of the Sea-nymph Nereids
Drisana  (Indian)
Daughter of the Sun
Frisa  (English)
Curly - Haired
Grisandole  (Arthurian Legend)
A Princess Who Dresses As a Man
Irisa  (English)
Irisa  (Greek)
Irisa  (Russian)
Irisa  (Russian)
Rainbow. Also a Flower Name. Iris Was the Mythological Messenger-goddess Who Rode on Rainbows from Heaven to Earth to Deliver Messages from Olympus
Irisa  (Greek)
The Flower Iris
Karisa  (Greek)
Very Dear
Krisalyn  (American)
Beautiful Bearer of Christ
Larisa  (Russian)
Cheerful (Lara,Larochka)
Larisa  (Greek)
Cheerful One
Larisa  (Russian)
Marisa  (Indian)
mother of Daksa
Marisa  (Hebrew)
Variant of Mary: Wished-for Child; Rebellion; Bitter
Marisa  (Latin)
Variant of Maria
Marisa  (English)
Variant of Maria
Marisa  (Latin)
Of the Sea
Marisa  (Hindu)
Mother of Daksa
Marisa  (Italian)
Longing for the Sea
Marisa  (Spanish)
Marisabel  (Latin)
Of the Sea. Variant of Marie and Mary
Maurisa  (Latin)
Feminine of Maurice, Meaning Dark, or Dark-skinned
Morisa  (Spanish)
Feminine of Maurice: Dark;Dark-skinned
Morrisa  (Latin)
Dark One
Paris  (French)
Name of a City (Parris, Parisa)
Tarisai  (African)
Look, Behold
52 names found for "Risa"   (page 1 of 2) 

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