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Meaning of the Name Porter

The first name Porter is of Latin, French origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Latin: Door Guard
Latin: Gatekeeper
French: Gatekeeper

Similar Names

Porteur | Portier |

Related Names

Ansar  (Islamic)
Friend, Patron, Supporter
Aslak  (Norse)
A Supporter of Thorgest
Awhina  (Maori)
Helper, Supporter
Dastgeer  (Muslim)
Variant of Dastgir: Helper. Supporter
Dastgir  (Muslim)
Helper. Supporter
Hume  (English)
Supporter of Peace
Naasir  (Muslim)
Variant of Nasir: Supporter. Protector. Granting Victory
Naseer  (Muslim)
Variant of Nasir: Supporter. Protector. Granting Victory
Naseera  (Muslim)
Variant of Nasira: Helper. Supporter
Nasir  (Muslim)
Supporter. Protector. Granting Victory
Nasir  (Islamic)
One Who Helps Render Victorious, Supporter
Nasira  (Muslim)
Helper. Supporter
Nyree  (Maori)
Maori Name Made Popular by New Zealand Actress Nyree Dawn Porter
Pollyanna  (English)
Compound of the Names Polly and Anna. Writer Eleanor Porter Invented This Name for the Heroine of Her Novel 'Pollyanna'
Styr  (Norse)
A Supporter of Sumarlidi Son of Killer Hrapp
Waliyuddeen  (Muslim)
Variant of Waliyuddin: Supporter of the Faith
Waliyuddin  (Muslim)
Supporter of the Faith
Waliyullah  (Muslim)
Supporter of God
Zaheer  (Muslim)
Supporter. Ally

Additional Names

Murchadh | Lexann | Pazice | Rybar | Erie | Ulrica | Quinta | Hume | Ashan | Paulo | Lachish | Christos | Anees | Ranon | Ernesta |