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Meaning of the Name Reed

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The first name Reed is of Scottish, English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Scottish: Redheaded. Surname
English: Redheaded. Surname

Similar Names

Rad | Raed | Ra'ed | Ra'id | Raud | Read | Reade | Redd | Reid | Reod |

Related Names

Aafreeda  (Muslim)
Variant of Afreda: Created. Produced
Angus  (Scottish)
Unnaturally Strong; Singular; Only Choice. Scots Celtic God Angus Og Helped His People With His Wisdom and Intelligence. The Aberdeen Angus is a Scottish Breed of Black Cattle
Annabel  (Hebrew)
Eagle Heroine, Energetic, Impatient, Freedom-loving
Azad  (Islamic)
Breeda  (Irish)
Breeda  (Celtic)
Corsen  (Welsh)
Creed  (English)
Belief; Guiding Principle
Creed  (Latin)
Belief; Guiding Principle
Creedon  (Irish)
A Surname Meaning 'Belief; Guiding Principle.'
Dror  (Hebrew)
Elefteria  (Greek)
Fanchon  (French)
Free. Freedom. Free One
Fanchone  (French)
Free. Freedom. Free One
Fareed  (Hindu)
Fareed  (Muslim)
Variant of Farid: Unique. Alone
Fareeda  (Arabic)
Fareedah  (Muslim)
Variant of Faridah: Unique. Matchless. Precious Pearl or Gem
Freed  (English)
Form of Frederick
Freedom  (English)
Freedom; Liberty
Freeman  (English)
Free Man; a Man Freed from Bound Servitude to an Overlord. Surname
Freman  (French)
Free Man; a Man Freed from Bound Servitude to an Overlord. Surname
Fremont  (English)
Freedom Mountain
Fremont  (French)
Free Man; a Man Freed from Bound Servitude to an Overlord. Surname
Gifre  (Anglo Saxon)
Gris  (Norse)
A Man Freed by Skallagrim
Hector  (Greek)
Defender, Freedom-loving, Conscientious, Impulsive
Honor  (Latin)
Honour, Bewitching, Greedy, Sociable
Independence  (American)
Isidore  (Greek)
Strong Gift, Practical, Greedy, Impatient
Isra  (Turkish)
Kanah  (Biblical)
Of Reeds
Kanah  (Biblical)
Of Reeds
Liberty  (Western)
Liberty  (American)
Lysander  (Greek)
One Who is Freed
Lysandra  (Greek)
One Who is Freed
Marwaareed  (Muslim)
Variant of Marwarid: Pearl. Jewel
Mukti  (Hindu)
Salvation; Freedom from Bondage of Birth; End. Origin: Sanskrit
Mukunda  (Indian)
freedom giver
Mureed  (Muslim)
Variant of Murid: Follower. Desirous. Student
Read  (Scottish)
Surname Originated As a Nickname for a Person With Red Hair or a Ruddy Complexion. The Name is Derived from the Old English Read (Red). (Reed)
Read  (English)
Reed (Reade, Redd, Reed, Reid, Rhett)
Reading  (English)
Son of the Auburn Wanderer (Redding, Reeding)
Reading  (English)
Son of Reed
Redding  (English)
Son of Reed
Redford  (English)
From the Reedy Ford. Old English Surname
Redmond  (English)
Protected by Reeds (Redmund)
58 names found for "Reed"   (page 1 of 2) 

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