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Meaning of the Name Nita

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The first name Nita is of Japanese, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindu origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Japanese: Compassionate (In Choctaw Indian: Bear)
Spanish: God is Giving
Hebrew: Grace
Hindu: Moral

Similar Names

Nat | Nate | Neto | Ni'mat | Ninad | Nada | Naida | Nata | Natia | Neda |

Related Names

Albana  (Hispanic)
From the Light (Alba, Albanita)
Amayeta  (Native American)
Big Manzanita Berries
Anita  (Indian)
Anita  (English)
Variant of Ann: a Variant of Hannah, Made Popular by the Cult of St Anne. The Form of the Name Varies With Fashion:
Anita  (Latin)
Anita  (Ukrainian)
Anita  (Italian)
Anita  (Hindu)
Anita  (Hebrew)
Anita  (Spanish)
A Spanish Diminutive of Ann: Graceful, Merciful
Ann  (Hebrew)
Grace, Other Forms are Anita, Anna, Anne, Hannash, Nancy, Graceful, Merciful
Awenita  (Native American)
A Fawn
Awenita  (Native American)
Awinita  (Native American)
Fawn (Cherokee)
Awinita  (Native American)
Young Deer
Benita  (Latin)
Good Person
Benita  (Latin)
Feminine of Benedict
Benita  (Spanish)
A Feminine Form of the Latin Benedict Meaning Blessed
Benita  (Latin)
Blessed. Feminine of Benedict
Bernita  (German)
Brave As a Bear, Bringer of Victory, Brave
Bernita  (French)
Feminine of Bernard, Meaning Strong As a Bear, or Bear Hard
Bonita  (Spanish)
Pretty Little One
Bonita  (Hispanic)
Pretty One
Bonita  (Spanish)
Pretty, Beautiful
Dani  (Hebrew)
Variant of Daniel (Dannee, Danni, Daniele, Danita, Danyelle)
Danita  (Hebrew)
Feminine Form of Daniel: God Has Judged, or God is Judge. The Old Testament Daniel Was a Th Century Bc Prophet Who Miraculously Survived the Den of Lions
Danita  (English)
Feminine Variant of Daniel: God Will Judge
Danita  (Spanish)
God Judges. God Will Judge
Hanita  (Hindu)
Divine Grace
Jane  (Hebrew)
God is Gracious (Jan, J'Ane, Jana, Janeen, Jayne, Janie, Jean, Jeanie, Jeanne, Joann, Johanna, Joan, Joanna, Joanne, Joni, Jonie, Juanita, Vanya)
Janita  (Hebrew)
Gift from God
Jenita  (English)
Variant of Jenny Which is a Diminutive of Jane and Jennifer
Jonita  (English)
Modern Feminine of John and Jon
Juanita  (Spanish)
Consecrated to God
Juanita  (Spanish)
Feminine Form of Juan: the Spanish Form of John: God is Gracious. God's Gift
Juanita  (Hebrew)
Gift from God
Juanita  (Hispanic)
God is Gracious, Form of Joan, Jane
Kaycee  (American)
Initals K and C
Kennita  (American)
Not Available
Kwanita  (Native American)
God is Gracious
Kwanita  (Native American)
Gracious God (In Zuni Indian)
Lenita  (Latin)
Leonita  (Latin)
Monita  (Spanish)
Ninita  (Hispanic)
Little Girl
Ninita  (Native American)
Little Girl
78 names found for "Nita"   (page 1 of 2) 

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Additional Names

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