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Meaning of the Name Morgan

The first name Morgan is of Welsh, Arthurian Legend, Celtic, Gaelic, Irish, Shakespearean origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Welsh: The Edge of the Sea
Arthurian Legend: Enchantress Half Sister of Arthur
Celtic: Dweller of the Sea
Welsh: Bright Sea. from the Shore of the Sea. Morgan Le Fay Was Sorceress and Sister to King Arthur in Arthurian Legend
Welsh: Bright Sea. Dwells Near the Sea
Gaelic: Man from the Sea's Edge (Morgen)
Celtic: Lives by the Sea
Irish: Fighter of the Sea
Shakespearean: 'Cymbeline' the Disguised Identity of Belarius, a Banished Lord

Similar Names

Marjan | Morcan | Morgen | Morgaine | Morgana | Morgane | Morgann | Morgayne | Morrigan |

Related Names

Accalon  (Arthurian Legend)
Lover of Morgan Le Fay
Belarius  (Shakespearean)
'Cymbeline' a Banished Lord, Disguised Under the Name of Morgan
Hellekin  (Arthurian Legend)
French Lover of Morgan Le Fay
Modron  (Arthurian Legend)
A Goddess and Possible Precursor of Morgan Le Fey
Morgan Tud  (Arthurian Legend)
A Physician
Morgana  (Arthurian Legend)
Enchantress Half Sister of Arthur
Morgana  (Welsh)
Morgana  (Welsh)
Sea's Edge (Morgan, Morganne)
Morgana  (Welsh)
From the Shore of the Sea
Morgana  (Celtic)
Dweller of the Sea
Morgance  (Celtic)
Dweller of the Sea
Morgane  (Celtic)
Dweller of the Sea
Morgann  (Welsh)
Bright Sea
Morgannwg  (Welsh)
From Glamorgan
Morgant  (Welsh)
From the Shore of the Sea
Rhyawdd  (Welsh)
Legendary Son of Morgant

Additional Names

Alsatia | Onaedo | Ma'roof | Galatee | Georgii | Efrem | CoireaIl | Guro | Blanca | Kalle | Everard | Ater | Kione | Milagros | Quanda |