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Meaning of the Name Millie

The first name Millie is of Latin, English, German, French origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Latin: Diminutive of Camilla: Servant for the Temple; Free-born; Noble. Feminine Form of Camillus. Famous Bearer: Roman Mythological Volscian Warrior Queen Camilla. Fanny Burney's Th Century Novel 'Camilla'
English: Diminutive of Mildred: Mild of Strength. Also a Diminutive of the Latin Emily, from Aemilia, the Feminine Form of the Roman Family Name Aemilius
English: From the Name Mildred
German: Strength, Determination. Diminutive of Amelia: from the Old German Amalburga, Meaning Labour, and the Latin Aemilia. Famous Bearers: Th Century British King George Iii's Daughter Princess Amelia' Henr
French: Strength; Determination

Similar Names

Mailie | Millo | Molli | Maille | Mellie | Mili | Milia | Milla | Milly | Mollie |

Related Names

Camille  (Latin)
Innocent (Camilla, Cammy, Millie)
Kermillie  (English)
Mildred  (English)
Wise (Millie,Milly)
Millicent  (English)
The One Who Brings Comfort; (In German: Hardworking) (Milli, Millie, Missy, Melissa)

Additional Names

Myrick | Medredydd | Catharine | Dontae | Andy | Tsuru | Wilbur | Joseph | Ephah | Leona | Jaraad | Chudamani | Erna | Kaphiri | Hiram |