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Meaning of the Name Millicent

The first name Millicent is of Greek, French, German, Teutonic, English origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Greek: Ambitious
French: Of a Thousand Saints
German: Strong Work. Industrious
Teutonic: Strong
English: The One Who Brings Comfort; (In German: Hardworking) (Milli, Millie, Missy, Melissa)
Teutonic: Work Strength, Wise, Calm, Amiable, Affectionate Nature, Seldom Passionate

Similar Names

Melicent | Mellicent | Milicent | Milicente | Millicente |

Related Names

Melicent  (German)
Variant of Millicent: Strong Work. Industrious
Melisande  (French)
Honey Bee; Strength; Determination. Variant of Millicent
Melisande  (German)
'strength; Determination.' Variant of Millicent. Melisandra: (Spanish) 'strength; Determination
Melissa  (Greek)
The Honey Bee (Lissa, Mel, Millicent, Milly, Milli, Missie, Missy, Melisa)
Millicente  (French)
Of a Thousand Saints
Milly  (German)
Strength, Determination; Industrious. Diminutive of Millicent or Amelia: from the Old German Word for Labour, and the Latin Aemilia

Additional Names

Chidroop | Lyel | Gadi | Adom | Cyril | Virgil | Palmer | Maurio | Azi | Flinn | Ameenah | Sslama | Roland | Nurita | Samira |