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Meaning of the Name Luis

The first name Luis is of German, Hispanic, Spanish origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

German: Famous Fighter
Hispanic: Form of Lou Famous in Battle
Spanish: Form of Louis
Spanish: From the Name Louis

Similar Names

La'iq | Lais | Laish | Laius | Les | Lewis | Lise | Louis | Luc | Lucas |

Related Names

Azure  (Latin)
Bluish Color
Caesar  (Latin)
The Family Name of Roman Dictator Gaius Julias Caesar. Its Origin is Uncertain:, But May Come from 'Caesaries' Meaning Hair, or 'Caesius' Meaning 'Bluish-grey, or 'Caedere' Meaning to Cut, Perhaps Ref
Lilac  (Latin)
Bluish Purple
Lilac  (Russian)
Lilia  (Russian)
Louis  (German)
Glorious in Battle (Lew, Lewis, Leu, Luis)
Luisa  (Spanish)
Spanish Form of Louise: Famous in War
Luisa  (Italian)
Italian Form of Louise: Reknowned Warrior
Luisa  (Polish)
Famous Battle Maid
Luise  (German)
Renowned Warrior
Shahla  (Muslim)
Having Bluish Black Eyes
Shahlaa  (Muslim)
Variant of Shahla: Having Bluish Black Eyes
Zarqa  (Muslim)
Having Bluish Green Eyes
Zarqaa  (Muslim)
Variant of Zarqa: Having Bluish Green Eyes

Additional Names

Antos | Indigo | Nain | Banagher | Shane | Joshua | Alexandrina | Edurne | Ava | Odon | Jearim | Kendon | Kristianne | Naal | Reymond |