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Meaning of the Name Luis

The first name Luis is of Spanish, Hispanic, German origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Spanish: From the Name Louis
Spanish: Form of Louis
Hispanic: Form of Lou Famous in Battle
German: Famous Fighter

Similar Names

La'iq | Lais | Laish | Laius | Les | Lewis | Lise | Louis | Luc | Lucas |

Related Names

Azure  (Latin)
Bluish Color
Caesar  (Latin)
The Family Name of Roman Dictator Gaius Julias Caesar. Its Origin is Uncertain:, But May Come from 'Caesaries' Meaning Hair, or 'Caesius' Meaning 'Bluish-grey, or 'Caedere' Meaning to Cut, Perhaps Ref
Lilac  (Russian)
Lilac  (Latin)
Bluish Purple
Lilia  (Russian)
Louis  (German)
Glorious in Battle (Lew, Lewis, Leu, Luis)
Luisa  (Polish)
Famous Battle Maid
Luisa  (Italian)
Italian Form of Louise: Reknowned Warrior
Luisa  (Spanish)
Spanish Form of Louise: Famous in War
Luise  (German)
Renowned Warrior
Shahla  (Muslim)
Having Bluish Black Eyes
Shahlaa  (Muslim)
Variant of Shahla: Having Bluish Black Eyes
Zarqa  (Muslim)
Having Bluish Green Eyes
Zarqaa  (Muslim)
Variant of Zarqa: Having Bluish Green Eyes

Additional Names

Angelo | Andreas | Karan | Phillipe | Ratna | Kirk | Melosa | Hadassah | Lynd | Jira | Colvill | Randilyn | Sam | Alemeth | Avalee |