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Meaning of the Name Lucas

The first name Lucas is of Latin, English, Gaelic, Biblical, Greek origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Latin: Form of Luke 'Light; Illumination.'
English: Form of Luke: Light; Illumination
Latin: Illumination (Lucius, Lucias, Lukas Luke)
Gaelic: Light
Latin: Light
Biblical: Luminous, White
Greek: Variant of Luke: Light Giving. from Lucania (Lucania Was a District of Ancient Italy)
Biblical: Luminous, White

Similar Names

Lichas | Licus | Loukas | Luc | Lucaas | Lucca | Luce | Lucio | Lucius | Lucky |

Related Names

Lucasta  (English)
This Name Was Invented by British Poet Richard Lovelace. His Poem of That Name Was Published In
Lucky  (English)
Fortunate. Lucky is Also Used As a Nickname for Lucas and Its Variants
Luka  (Russian)
Russian Form of Lucas 'Light'
Lukacs  (Hungarian)
Hungarian Form of Lucas 'Light'
Lukasha  (Russian)
Russian Form of Lucas 'Light'
Lukasz  (Polish)
Polish Form of Lucas 'Light'
Luke  (Latin)
Light, Another Form is Lucas, Cultured, Fastidious, Immaculate
Lukyan  (Russian)
Russian Form of Lucas 'Light'

Additional Names

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