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Meaning of the Name Vanna

The first name Vanna is of Greek, Hebrew, Cambodian origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Greek: Diminutive of Vanessa: Butterfly. Also, from Phanessa, the Mystic Goddess of an Ancient Greek Brotherhood
Hebrew: God's Gift
Cambodian: Golden Colored

Similar Names

Van | Vaniah | Veena | Vinn | Vinny | Vonn | Vana | Vani | Vania | Vanny |

Related Names

Devanna  (French)
Devanna  (English)
Evanna  (English)
Feminine of Evan: Young Fighter
Evanna  (Scottish)
Right Handed
Giovanna  (Italian)
Feminine Form of Giovanni: Gift from God
Giovanna  (Italian)
God is Gracious
Giovanna  (Hebrew)
Gracious Gift from God
Ivanna  (Czechoslovakian)
Feminine of Ivan
Ivanna  (Hebrew)
Gift from God
Ivanna  (Greek)
Gift of the Gods
Jeovanna  (English)
Feminine of Giovanni; Variant of Jovana
Jovanna  (Spanish)
Feminine of Jovian Derived from Jove Who Was the Roman Mythological Jupiter and Father of the Sky
Jovanna  (Latin)
Savanna  (Spanish)
From the Open Plain
Savanna  (Hispanic)
Open Grassland, Savannah
Savanna  (Spanish)
Open Plain
Savannah  (Spanish)
From the Open Plain
Savannah  (Hispanic)
Plain Land (Savana, Savenna, Savanah)
Savannah  (Spanish)
Treeless Plain
Vanessa  (Hebrew)
Star (Ness, Nessa, Nessi, Vana, Vanna, Vanni, Vanya)

Additional Names

Ratna | Cadhla | Mahfuz | Emilie | Jabari | Ronnell | Ariabod | Gwynne | Wanda | Jeralyn | Julie | Adreana | Silla | Amoz | Adan |