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Meaning of the Name Linn

The first name Linn is of Anglo Saxon origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Anglo Saxon: Dwells by the Torrent
Anglo Saxon: A Cascade

Similar Names

Laine | Lane | Lanny | Lanu | Lany | Lean | Len | Lena | Lenn | Lenno |

Related Names

Aichlinn  (Irish)
A Form of Echlin
Aislinn  (Gaelic)
A Dream
Aislinn  (Celtic/Gaelic)
A Dream
Aislinn  (Irish)
Variant of Aisling or Ashling: Dream or Vision
Ashlinn  (English)
Meadow of Ash Trees
Caitlinn  (Irish)
Variant of Katherine Meaning Pure
Celinna  (Latin)
Variant of Celia or Selena. One of Seven Mythological Daughters of Atlas Transformed by Zeus into Stars of the Pleiades Constellation
Faylinn  (English)
Fairy Kingdom
Flinn  (Irish)
Son of a Red-haired Man
Katelinn  (English)
Medieval English Form of the Irish Caitlin. Pure
Katelinn  (English)
Medieval English Form of the Irish Caitlin. 'Pure'
Leslie  (Scottish)
Guardian of Hollies or the Gray Fort; a Surname Taken from a Place Called Lesslyn in Aberdeenshire. The Name Might Be Derived from the Gaelic Elements Lios (Enclosure, Garden, Fort) and Chuillinn (A H
Linette  (Welsh)
Honored Model (Linet, Linnet, Lanefte, Lynette, Lynnet)
Linna  (Scandinavian)
Small Blue Flower
Linnae  (Scandinavian)
Small Blue Flower
Linnae  (Scandinavian)
Small Blue Flower
Linne  (English)
Linnea  (Norse)
Lime Tree
Linnea  (Scandinavian)
Lime Tree
Linnet  (French)
A Type of Songbird. Flax
Linnet  (Welsh)
Variant of Ancient Welsh Given Name Eluned: from 'Cilun' Meaning Idol
Linnette  (Celtic)
Linnette  (English)
Llinos  (Welsh)

Additional Names

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