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Meaning of the Name Launce

The first name Launce is of English, Shakespearean, French origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Diminutive of Lancelot: Servant. God-like
Shakespearean: 'Two Gentlemen of Verona' the Like to Proteus
French: Variant of Lance: Land (From Old German) the Short Form of the Name Lancelot (Which Incidentally Was Derived Originally from the Name Lance!) Therefore, This Name is the Short Form of Its Own Diminuti

Similar Names

Lance | Lange | Leonce | Lanice | Lunece |

Related Names

Gobbo  (Shakespearean)
'The Merchant of Venice' Launcelot Gobbo, a Clown, Servant to Shylock. Also Old Gobbo, Launcelot's Father
Lancelot  (German)
Land (Lance, Launce)
Lancelot  (Latin)
Servant, Another Form is Launcelot, Courteous, Faithful, Intelligent
Launcelot  (Arthurian Legend)
Knight of Arthur and Lover of Guinevere
Launcelot  (French)
Servant. Also a Diminutive of Lance: Land (From Old German) Lancelot Was a Knight of King Arthur's Round Table and Adulterous Lover to Queen Guinevere
Launcelot  (English)
Variant of Lancelot: Servant. God-like

Additional Names

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