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Meaning of the Name Ivar

The first name Ivar is of Scandinavian, Swedish, Teutonic, English, Norse origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Scandinavian: Archer
Swedish: Archer
Teutonic: Archer
English: Archer's Bow
Norse: Yew Bow Army (Iver, Ivor, Yver)

Similar Names

Iavor | Ibhar | Ifor | Iver | Ivor | Ivory |

Related Names

Indivar  (Hindu)
Blue Lotus
Iomhair  (Gaelic)
Archer, Bow Warrior; a Gaelic Form of Ivor, a Scottish Variant of the Scandinavian Ivar, a Compound Name Composed of the Old Norse Elements Yr (Yew, Bow) and Herr (Warrior, Army). Variations: Imhear,
Ives  (English)
Archer's Bow. Patron Saint of St. Ives in Cambridgeshire. More Commonly Used As a Surname. Variant of Yves from Ivar
Ivor  (Scottish)
Archer, Bow Warrior;A Scottish Form of Ivar, a Name Introduced by Scandinavian Settlers. it is Derived from the Old Norse Elements Yr (Yew, Bow) and Herr (Warrior, Army). Imhear, Lomhair, and Lomhar a
Kritivarma  (Hindu)
Krishna 's Friend

Additional Names

Jude | Laurinda | Kushala | Parnika | Kermichaef | Eulelia | Lauene | Oboth | Blane | Nadia | Meghan | Lester | Laasya | Alaster | Yevheniy |