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Names That Mean Iona

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Looking for names that mean Iona? We couldn't find the exact name Iona, but listed below are some first names meaning Iona or names similar to the word Iona.

Similar Names

Ian | Imnah | In'am | Ine | Ioan | Ion | Ianna | Ima | Imma | Ina |

Related Names

Aalif  (Muslim)
Compassionate. Affectionate
Abdal Rahim  (Arabic)
Servant of the Compassionate
Abdal Rauf  (Arabic)
Servant of the Compassionate
Abder Rahim  (Arabic)
Variant of Abdal Rahim: Servant of the Compassionate
Abdul Raheem  (Muslim)
Variant of Abdul Rahim: Servant of the Most Compassionate
Abdul Rahim  (Muslim)
Servant of the Most Compassionate
Abdul Rahim  (Arabic)
Variant of Abdal Rahim: Servant of the Compassionate
Abdul-Raheem  (Muslim)
Variant of Abdul-rahim: Servant of the Most Compassionate
Abdul-Rahim  (Muslim)
Servant of the Most Compassionate
Abdur Rahim  (Arabic)
One Who Serves a Compassionate Man
Abigail  (Hebrew)
A Father's Joy, Affectionate, Sincere, Sympathetic
Abner  (Hebrew)
Father is Light, or Father of Light. The Old Testament Abner Was Saul's Cousin and Army Commander, a Clever Strategist. Abner Became Fashionable After the Reformation. 'Li'L Abner', Was the Hero of a
Abraham  (Hebrew)
Father of Multitude, Serious-minded, Pessimistic, Affectionate,
Absalom  (Hebrew)
Father of Peace, Bold,Cunning,Passionate, Seldom a Man of Peace
Adah  (Hebrew)
Beautiful. Ornament. The Old Testament Wives of Lamech and Esau Were Named Adah. Used Occasionally in English-speaking Countries
Adeline  (Teutonic)
Noble Serpent, Passionate, Sensitive, Unforgiving
Aeneas  (Greek)
Praiseworthy. Aeneas Was the Trojan Hero of Virgil's Aeneid, This Name His Been Occasionally Used Since the Renaissance
Aengus  (Celtic)
Exceptionally Strong
Aeriona  (Latin)
Agatha  (Greek)
A Woman of High Ideals, Good, Brilliant, Lively, Unemotional, Indifferent to Flattery
Aka  (Maori)
Alastrina  (Irish)
Alexandrina (Alestriona)
Alastriona  (Celtic)
Defends Mankind
Alastriona  (Irish)
Feminine Form of Alastair, Meaning Avenger
Albiona  (Arthurian Legend)
Alethea  (Greek)
Truth, Punctilious, Impartial, Unemotional
Alexandra  (Greek)
Helper of Men, Another Form is Alexandrina, Passionate, Bold, Enterprising
Alisa  (Greek)
Alma  (Latin)
Kind. Loving. The Soul. Rarely Used Before the Crimean War Battle of Alma, But Subsequently Very Fashionable
Alma  (Italian)
Soul. Rarely Used Before the Crimean War Battle of Alma, But Subsequently Very Fashionable
Alyssa  (Greek)
Amialiona  (Teutonic)
Hard Working
Aneesa  (Muslim)
Variant of Anisa: Affectionate
Anghus  (Celtic)
Exceptionally Strong
Angus  (Celtic)
Exceptionally Strong
Anisa  (Muslim)
Aonghus  (Celtic)
Exceptionally Strong
Ara  (Arabic)
Aramis  (French)
Fictional Swordsman: (Ambitious and Filled With Religious Aspirations) from Alexander Dumas's Three Musketeers
Arthur  (Celtic)
High, Vivacious, Industrious, Self-opinionated, Literary, Seldom Takes Advice
Ate  (Greek)
Goddess of Irrationality
Atif  (Islamic)
Compassionate, Affectionate
Atuf  (Islamic)
Affectionate, Kind Hearted
Augustine  (Latin)
From Augustus Meaning Magic Majestic, Dignity, or Venerable. Augustine Was the First Archbishop of Canterbury, Sent to Britain As a Missionary by the Pope
Barnabas  (Hebrew)
Son of Consolation or Son of Exhortation, Son of Comfort. Famous Bearer: the Biblical First Century Apostle Barnabas Who Accompanied St Paul on His Early Missionary Journeys.A Biblical First-century M
Barnabas  (Greek)
Son of a Missionary
Barrington  (English)
Fair-haired. Based on a Surname and Place Name of Uncertain Origin. Occasionally Used As a First Name
Bartholomew  (Hebrew)
Son of Furrows, Ostentatious, Proud, Affectionate, Leads a Lonely Life
Bayard  (French)
Auburn-haired. Bayard Was a Sixteenth-century French Knight and National Hero Renowned for Valor and Purity of Heart
Beau  (French)
Handsome. Famous Namesakes: British Dandy Beau Brummell, Aka George Bryan Brummell; French Foreign Legion Fictional Hero Beau Geste
306 names found for "Iona"   (page 1 of 7) 

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