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Meaning of the Name Honore

The first name Honore is of French origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

French: Honor. Good Name and Integrity

Similar Names

Honir | Honor | Honora | Honoria | Honour |

Related Names

Aidoios  (Greek)
Alake  (African)
One to Be Honored
Anchita  (Hindu)
Honored, Worshipped
Arya  (Hindu)
Honored, Noble
Asir  (Islamic)
Honored, Chosen, Preferred
Efrat  (Hebrew)
Honored, Distinguished
Efrat  (Hebrew)
Eudora  (Greek)
Honored Gift
Linette  (Welsh)
Honored Model (Linet, Linnet, Lanefte, Lynette, Lynnet)
Matti  (Aramaic)
Honored Lady; Variation of Martha (Marit, Marta, Marthe, Marite, Marti, Martyne, Mattie, Pat, Patty)
Muhtaram  (Muslim)
Respectable. Honored
Musharraf  (Muslim)
Elevated. Honored
Mutia  (African)
Honored One
Mutia  (African)
Honored One
Sameel  (Islamic)
The Person Whose Prayers are Honored by Allah
Samoel  (Hebrew)
Name of God. Biblical Prophet and Judge Who Anointed Saul and David As Kings of Israel. Sami: (Arabic) 'Honored'
Tita  (Latin)
Zebulon  (Hebrew)

Additional Names

Arlene | Frida | Elianne | Dempsey | Boris | Gordon | Desmond | Leshem | Klaudio | Evita | Evangelia | Samrat | Raghnall | Jnyaneshwar | Angilia |