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Meaning of the Name Hela

The first name Hela is of Norse origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Norse: Goddess of the Underworld

Similar Names

Haele | Hal | Halah | Hale | Hali | Hall | Heall | Healy | Heli | Hiel |

Related Names

Archelaus  (Biblical)
The Prince of the People
Archelaus  (Greek)
Ruler of the People. Archelaus Was One of the Sons of King Herod the Great, Mentioned in the New Testament.
Chela  (Spanish)
Chelal  (Biblical)
As Night
Helaine  (French)
Variant of Helen. in Mythology the Abduction of Zeus's Mortal Daughter Helen Sparked the Trojan War
Helaine  (Greek)
From the Name Helen
Helaku  (Native American)
Full of Sun
Helaku  (Native American)
Sunny Day
Helam  (Biblical)
Their Army, Their Trouble
Helam  (Biblical)
Their Army, Their Trouble
Kehelahath  (Biblical)
A Whole, a Congregation
Kehelahath  (Biblical)
A Whole, a Congregation
Lahela  (Hawaiian)
Innocent Lamb
Mahala  (Native American)
Woman (Mahalah, Mahalia, Mahela, Mahila, Mahilia)
Michela  (French)
Feminine of Michael: Gift from God
Michelangelo  (Italian)
Who is Like God an Angel
Nehelamite  (Biblical)
Dreamer, Vale, Brook
Nehelamite  (Biblical)
Dreamer, Vale, Brook
Phelan  (Celtic)
Phelan  (Irish)
Variant of Faolan: Small Wolf
Phelan  (Gaelic)
Little Wolf
Shelagh  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Shelagh  (Latin)
Variant of Celia: from the Latin Caelia, Which is a Feminine Form of the Roman Clan Name Caelius, Meaning Heavenly, or of the Heavens. Also a Variant or Dimintitive of Cecilia. Famous Bearer: British
Shelagh  (Irish)
Variant of Sheila: Irish Variant of Celia, from Celius, a Roman Clan Name. Also a Form of Cecilia: Blind
Shelah  (Biblical)
That Breaks, That Unties, That Undresses
Shuthelah  (Biblical)
Plant, Verdure, Moist, Pot
Thelasar  (Biblical)
Taking Away, Heaping Up
Thelasar  (Biblical)
Taking Away, Heaping Up
Whelan  (Irish)

Additional Names

Anderson | Bucklie | Stefina | Tamara | Inger | Jaison | Salem | Geoffrey | Sandrine | Iain | Naazir | Quincy | Lorita | Cale | Petrine |