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Meaning of the Name Hattie

The first name Hattie is of Teutonic, English origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Teutonic: Ruler of the Home
English: Rules the Home. Diminutive of Harriet. Feminine of Harry from Henry

Similar Names

Hati | Hittite | Hatty | Hettie |

Related Names

Chattie  (French)
Diminutive of Charlotte: a Feminine Form of Charles, Meaning Man. Alternate Meaning, Tiny and Feminine. Famous Bearers: Princess Charlotte, Daughter of King George Iv; British Writer Charlotte Bronte
Harriet  (English)
Home Ruler, Ruler of an Estate; Derived from the French Henriette, a Feminine Diminutive of Henri. Variations: Harriette. Pet: Hattie. (Har-ree-el)
Henrietta  (English)
Ruler of an Enclosure, Home Ruler; Derived from the English Henrietta Which is Again Derived from the French Henriette, a Feminine Diminutive Form of Henri. Pet: Hattie, Hettie. (Hen-ree-eh-tah)

Additional Names

Reza | Aholah | Merlin | Saqr | Gitana | Rhisiart | Bertild | Ossie | Zeke | Georget | Ephesus | Kacey | Sommer | Cortney | Amall |