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Meaning of the Name Grim

The first name Grim is of Norse origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Norse: Son of Njal

Similar Names

Garin | Garm | Gorin | Gram | Grimm | Grimme | Garima | Grima |

Related Names

An  (Norse)
Son of Grim
Arafat  (Islamic)
A Place Twelve Miles South West of Mecca Where Pilgrims Perform a Special Worship to Allah During the Hajj
Asgrim  (Norse)
In Njal's Saga the Chieftain of Tongue
Badarinath  (Hindu)
Deity at the Pilgrimage
Badarish  (Hindu)
Deity at the Pilgrimage
Christian  (Latin)
From Christianus Meaning Christian. Famous Bearer: Christian Was the Hero of John Bunyan's 'The Pilgrim's Progress'
Deoiridh  (Scottish)
Pilgrim (Dor-ee)
Dorcas  (English)
A Gazelle, a Doe; Derived from the Greek Dorkas. The Name is Also Used to Anglicize Gaelic Deoiridh (Pilgrim). (Dor-kahs)
Eldgrim  (Norse)
Kiiled by Hrut Hejolfsson
Gera  (Biblical)
Pilgrimage, Combat, Dispute
Gershon  (Biblical)
His Banishment; the Change of Pilgrimage
Girgashite  (Biblical)
Who Arrives from Pilgrimage
Girgashite  (Biblical)
Who Arrives from Pilgrimage
Grima  (Norse)
Feminine Form of Grim
Grimbold  (Anglo Saxon)
Fierce Bold
Grimhild  (Norse)
Mother of Gudrun
Grimhilda  (Norse)
Mother of Gudrun
Grimhilde  (Norse)
Mother of Gudrun
Grimkel  (Norse)
Son of Ulf
Grimm  (Anglo Saxon)
Grimme  (Anglo Saxon)
Gris  (Norse)
A Man Freed by Skallagrim
Hafgrim  (Norse)
A Settler of Greenland
Haji  (Egyptian)
Born During the Pilgrimage
Ingram  (English)
Heavenly Messenger (Ingrim)
Kolgrim  (Norse)
Son of Hrolf
Palmer  (English)
Pilgrim; Bearing a Palm Branch
Palmer  (Latin)
Palmere  (English)
Peregrine  (Latin)
Foreigner; Stranger; Pilgrim; Traveler; Wanderer
Perry  (Latin)
Diminutive of Peregrine: Foreigner; Stranger; Pilgrim; Traveler; Wanderer
Romeo  (Latin)
Pilgrim to Rome
Romeo  (Italian)
Pilgrim from Rome
Thorgrim  (Norse)
Brother of Onund Bild
Thorhalla  (Norse)
Daughter of Asgrim

Additional Names

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