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Meaning of the Name Gram

The first name Gram is of Latin, Norse, Anglo Saxon, English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Latin: Grain
Norse: Sigurd's Sword
Anglo Saxon: Warring
English: From the Gray Home
English: A Grain

Similar Names

Garan | Garm | Goran | Graeme | Graham | Grahem | Grani | Grim | Grimm | Grima |

Related Names

Akriti  (Indian)
Akriti  (Hindu)
Archie  (English)
A Popular Diminutive of Archibald, Meaning True and Bold, Valuable. Famous Bearers: a Ventriloquist's Dummy in the Radio Programme 'Educating Archie'; a Philisophical Cockroach Created by American Wri
Eamon  (Irish)
Guardian. The Irish Form of Edmund. Famous Bearer: Irish Statesman Eamon Dc Valera; Eamonn Andrews, Presenter of the Television Programme 'This is Your Life'
Ingram  (English)
Heavenly Messenger (Ingrim)
Ingram  (German)
Ing's Raven (Ing Was the Norse God of Peace and Fertility). Used Commonly As Both a First Name and As a Surname During the Middle Ages
Ingram  (Norse)
Ing's Raven
Ingram  (Teutonic)
Ing's Raven
Ingram  (Scandinavian)
Raven of Peace; Ing's Raven. Ing Was a Mythological Scandinavian Hero
Minhaaj  (Muslim)
Variant of Minhaj: Way. Program
Minhaj  (Muslim)
Way. Program
Sagramour  (Arthurian Legend)
A Knight
Saligram  (Hindu)
A Type of Black Round Stone

Additional Names

Bardol | Leonardo | Keilah | Romana | Zakaa' | Odo | Henrietta | Melena | Kismet | Bera | Dene | Trixy | Kyrie | Kaula | Gavin |