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Meaning of the Name Elynn

The first name Elynn is of English origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Variant of Helen. Means Light or Most Beautiful Woman

Similar Names

Elan | Elina | Ellen | Elman | Elne | Elon | Eloni | Elwen | Elwin | Elwyn |

Related Names

Adelynn  (French)
Variant of Adela
Angelynn  (Latin)
Angel; Messenger
Angelynn  (Greek)
Evelynn  (English)
Form of Evelyn: Life
Evelynne  (English)
Form of Evelyn: Life
Gracelynne  (Latin)
Favor; Blessing. The Three Mythological Graces Were Nature Goddesses: Aglaia: (Brilliance); Thalia: (Flowering); and Euphrosyne: (Joy)
Jacquelynne  (French)
Feminine of Jacques Derived from James and Jacob
Jaimelynn  (Scottish)
Pet Form of James Used As a Woman's Name
Jocelynn  (English)
Medieval Male Name Adopted As a Feminine Name
Jocelynn  (French)
Medieval Male Name Adopted As a Feminine Name
Joycelynn  (English)
Cheerful; Merry
Kaelynn  (English)
Variant of Kay and Kayla, Meaning: Keeper of the Keys; Pure
Katelynn  (Celtic/Gaelic)
From Catherine and Lynn
Katelynn  (English)
Medieval English Form of the Irish Caitlin. Pure
Madelynn  (Spanish)
Bitter; Woman from Magdala. Variant of Madeleine
Maelynn  (French)
May. in Roman Mythology Maia: (Source of the Month May) Was Goddess of Spring Growth

Additional Names

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