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Meaning of the Name Elwyn

The first name Elwyn is of Welsh, English origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Welsh: Fair Brow. Also a Variant of Alvin, Meaning Noble Friend
English: Variant of Alvin: Wise Friend. from the Old English Aetheiwine, and Also Aefwine, Both Meaning Noble Friend. Various Forms of Alvin in Use After the Norman Conquest Became Surnames, and Also First Nam
Welsh: Pale Brow

Similar Names

Eilwen | Eilwyn | Elan | Ellen | Elman | Elon | Elwen | Elwin | Elain | Elayna |

Related Names

Aethelwyne  (English)
Friend of the Elves
Delwyn  (Teutonic)
Valley Friend
Delwyn  (English)
Variant of Delvin: Friend; Good Friend
Delwyn  (Welsh)
Godly Friend
Delwyn  (Welsh)
Derived from the Welsh Words for Neat and Fair
Delwynn  (English)
Variant of Delvin: Friend; Good Friend
Elwin  (English)
Elves' Friend (Elvin, Elwyn)
Elwyna  (Anglo Saxon)
Friend of the Elves
Kelwyn  (Celtic)
From the Narrow River
Nelwyna  (English)
Bright Friend
Selwyn  (Latin)
House Friend
Selwyn  (English)
Good Friend
Selwyn  (Anglo Saxon)
Friend at Court
Selwyn  (Welsh)
Ardour; Fair

Additional Names

Sinobia | Meena | Palsmedes | Upala | Everett | Kalila | Mindy | Marek | Mady | Adam | Cary | Paza | Avice | Lauretta | Dawud |