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Meaning of the Name Ella

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The first name Ella is of Spanish, French, German, Teutonic, English origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Spanish: One from Heaven
Spanish: She
French: Medieval Given Name Meaning All
German: From the Old German Name Alia, Meaning All
Teutonic: Elf Friend, Capricious, Dainty, Unaffected
English: Abbreviation of Eleanor and Ellen: Beautiful Fairy. A Diminutive of Feminine Names Begining With El or Ending With Ella. Famous Bearer: American Jazz Singer Ella Fitzgerald; American Poet Ella Wheeler

Similar Names

Elah | Eli | Elia | Eliah | Elie | Eliya | Eloy | Elul | Ely | Elya |

Related Names

Della  (Greek)
Della  (English)
Noble. This Diminutive of Adela Has Been Used Commonly As an Independent Name Since the Late Th Century
Della  (Greek)
Of the Nobility
Delle  (Hebrew)
Name of Constellation of Aquarius
Diella  (Latin)
Worshipper of God
Diella  (Latin)
Worships God
Dolabella  (Shakespearean)
'Antony and Cleopatra'. Friend to Caesar
Donalda  (Scottish)
World Ruler; a Feminine Form of Donald, Which is an Anglicized Form of the Gaelic Domhnall (World Ruler). Variations: Donella, Dolanna, Dolena, Dolina. Short: Donna, Ina, Lena, Lina. (Don-al-dah)
Donatella  (Italian)
Beautiful Gift
Donella  (Italian)
Lady. from the Respectful Title Donna
Donella  (Celtic)
Dark - Haired Elfin Girl
Dulce  (Latin)
Diminutive of Dulcie: Sweet, Sweetness. from Dulcis, Meaning Sweet. Also a Diminutive of the Middle Ages Name Dulcibella
Dulcibella  (Latin)
Sweet Fair, Another Form is Dulcie, Sweet-tempered, Sincere
Eadwiella  (English)
From the Old Spring
Eallair  (Gaelic)
Worker in a Cellar ; Evolved from Cellair, Which Was Originated As a Nickname for One Who Worked As a Steward in a Monastery. The Name is Derived from the Latin Cellarius, Which is from Cella (Cellar,
Ela  (Portuguese)
She (Ella, Elle)
Eleanor  (French)
Mercy, or Full of Mercy (Ella, Ellen, Ellie,
Ellaine  (French)
Shining Light. Variant of Helen
Ellar  (Scottish)
Variant of Eallair: Monastery's Steward
Ellar  (English)
Worker in a Cellar; an Anglicized Form of Eallair, a Gaelic Name De Rived from Ceallair (Worker in a Cellar). (El-lar)
Ellard  (English)
Ellard  (German)
Brave; Noble
Ellard  (German)
Nobly Brave
Ellard  (Teutonic)
Nobly Brave
Ellary  (Teutonic)
Dwells by the Alder Trees
Ellary  (English)
Variant of Ellery: Elder Tree Island
Ellasar  (Biblical)
Revolting from God
Ellayne  (French)
Shining Light. Variant of Helen
Emmanuella  (Hebrew)
Essie  (French)
Diminutive of Estelle: Star. A Variant of Estella.Diminutive of Estella: Derived from the Old French Form of the Latin 'stella' Meaning Star
Essie  (English)
A Diminutive of Estella, Estelle, or Esther
Estella  (Spanish)
Estella  (Latin)
Estella  (French)
Derived from the Old French Form of the Latin 'stella' Meaning Star. Famous Bearer: the Heroine of Charles Dickens' Novel 'Great Expectations'
Estelle  (French)
Star. A Variant of Estella
Estelle  (Latin)
Star (Estella, Etella, Estrella)
Esther  (Persian)
Star, Meditative, Silent, Composed.(Esta, Essie, Estella, Estelle, Ester, Herter, Hettie, Hetty)
Estrella  (Spanish)
Eustella  (Greek)
Fair Star
Fedella  (Latin)
From Fedelia or Fidel-faithful
Fellah  (Muslim)
Arabian Jasmine
Fenella  (Scottish)
Scottish Form of Finola
Fenella  (Celtic)
Of the White Shoulders
Fenella  (Celtic/Gaelic)
337 names found for "Ella"   (page 3 of 7) 

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