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Meaning of the Name Elisha

The first name Elisha is of Hebrew, Biblical, French origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Hebrew: God is Gracious
Hebrew: God is Salvation. Famous Bearer: the Old Testament Prophet Elisha Was a Disciple and Successor of Elijah
Hebrew: God of My Salvation, Scrupulous, Trustworthy, Studious, Somewhat Impatient
Biblical: Salvation of God
French: Abbreviation of Elisabeth

Similar Names

Elesh | Elija | Elika | Elisai | Eliseo | Elishah | Elishua | Elica | Elicia | Elisa |

Related Names

Delisha  (English)
Variant of Latin Delicia: Gives Pleasure
Elishah  (Biblical)
It is God; the Lamb of God: God That Gives Help
Elishama  (Biblical)
God Hearing
Elishama  (Hebrew)
God Hears
Elishaphat  (Biblical)
My God Judgeth
Elishaphat  (Biblical)
My God Judgeth
Elysia  (Latin)
Blissful. Mythological: Elysium Was the Dwelling Place of Happy Souls (Paradise). (Elicia, Elise, Elisha, Elyse, Elysha, Lise, Llysa, Llyse). Origin: Latin
Felisha  (Latin)
Happy. Feminine of Felix
Melisha  (Greek)
Bee. Famous Bearer: Melissa, Mythological Princess of Crete Transformed to a Bee After Learning to Collect Honey

Additional Names

Haines | Sabeans | Venilia | Socorro | Alger | Bertin | Fred | Abdul Kadir | Wendell | Agapios | Henderson | Carmine | Mandy | Matthanias | Jogbehah |