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Meaning of the Name Elise

The first name Elise is of English, German, French, Hebrew, Greek origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: A Girl's Name of French Origin. Means: Consecrated; God's Oath
German: Consecrated to God
French: Consecrated to God. an Abbreviation of Elisabeth, Derived from a French Diminutive of Elizabeth
Hebrew: Variant of Elisabeth: from Elisheba, Meaning Either Oath of God, or God is Satisfaction
Greek: Variant of Elizabeth: from the Hebrew Elisheba, Meaning Either Oath of God, or God is Satisfaction. Famous Bearer: Old Testament Elizabeth Was Mother of John the Baptist and One of the Earliest Known

Similar Names

EIlis | Elesh | Elias | Eliasz | Eliaz | Elija | Elika | Elisai | Eliseo | Elisha |

Related Names

Adelise  (French)
Forerunner of Alice. of the Nobility. Noble
Annelise  (Latin)
Graced With God's Bounty
Annelise  (Danish)
Graceful Light
Annelise  (German)
Gracious, Consecreted to God
Eliseo  (Hebrew)
Jehovah is God
Elysia  (Latin)
Blissful. Mythological: Elysium Was the Dwelling Place of Happy Souls (Paradise). (Elicia, Elise, Elisha, Elyse, Elysha, Lise, Llysa, Llyse). Origin: Latin
Felise  (Latin)
Happy. Feminine of Felix
Ingelise  (Danish)
Ing's Grace
Melise  (Greek)
Bee. Famous Bearer: Melissa, Mythological Princess of Crete Transformed to a Bee After Learning to Collect Honey
Melisenda  (Hispanic)
Honest, Diligent
Melisenda  (Spanish)

Additional Names

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