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Meaning of the Name Eber

The first name Eber is of Biblical origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Biblical: One That Passes, Anger
Biblical: One That Passes, Anger

Similar Names

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Related Names

Beneberak  (Biblical)
Sons of Lightning
Durril  (Gypsy)
Eberhard  (German)
Strong As a Boar
Eberhardt  (German)
Strong As a Boar
Eberta  (Teutonic)
Englebert  (German)
Bright Angel
Engleberta  (German)
Bright Angel
Everhardt  (German)
Variant of Eberhard: Boar's Bravery
Everhart  (German)
Variant of Eberhard: Boar's Bravery
Ezion-geber  (Biblical)
The Wood of the Man
Geber  (Biblical)
Manly; Strong
Ghebers  (Persian)
Followers of Ancient Persian Religion
Gilbert  (Scottish)
A Famous Pledge; Derived from the Old French Guillebert, a Derivative of the Old High German Gisilberht, Which is Composed from the Elements Gisil (Pledge) and Beraht (Bright, Famous)
Guebers  (Persian)
Followers of Ancient Persian Religion
Heber  (Irish)
Heber  (Biblical)
One That Passes, Anger
Heber  (Hebrew)
Associate or Fellowship. Partner. Heber Was a Biblical Ancestor of Abraham
Hebrew  (Biblical)
Descendant of Heber
Hebrew  (Biblical)
Descendant of Heber
Inglebert  (German)
Variant of Engelbert: Bright As an Angel
Jeberechiah  (Biblical)
Speaking Well Of, or Kneeling To, the Lord
Lindeberg  (German)
From the Linden Tree Hill
Mora  (Hispanic)
Mora  (Spanish)
Little Blueberry
Sebert  (English)
Glory at Sea
Sheber  (Biblical)
Breaking, Hope
Shemeber  (Biblical)
Name of Force, Name of the Strong
Weber  (German)

Additional Names

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