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Meaning of the Name Wilhelm

The first name Wilhelm is of German, Teutonic origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

German: German Form of William
Teutonic: Strong Helmet

Similar Names

Willem | William | Wileen | Wilhelmina | Wilhelmine |

Related Names

Ilma  (German)
Resolute Protector. Strong Helmet. Diminutive of Wilhelmina, Feminine Form of Wilhelm
Wilhelmina  (German)
Desire to Protect
Wilhelmina  (English)
Determined Guardian; a Feminine Form of William ( Billi, Billie, Billym Gugliema, Guillema, Guillemette, Min, Mina, Minna, Minni, Minnie, Minny, Valma, Velma, Vilhelmina, Vilma, Wileen Wilhelmine, Wil
Wilhelmina  (Teutonic)
Firm Defender
Wilhelmina  (Teutonic)
Helmet of Resolution, Hospitable, Practical
Wilhelmina  (Dutch)
Resolute Protector. Feminine Variant of William
Wilhelmina  (German)
'Resolute Protector.' Feminine Variant of William
Wilhelmine  (Danish)
Resolute Protector
Wilhelmine  (German)
Resolute Protector
Wilhelmus  (Teutonic)
Strong Helmet
Willa  (English)
Determined Guardian; a Short Form of Wilhelmina ( Willi, Willie, Willy )
Wilma  (English)
Determined Guardian; a Short Form of Wilhelmina. (Valma, Vilma)
Wilma  (English)
Diminutive Form of Wilhelmina, a Feminine Variant of William

Additional Names

Stowe | Sara | Chand | Mirari | Alys | Rahimateh | Rukmini | Rane | Lynna | Druson | Billie | Braz | Chaundra | Valiant | Ra'id |