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Meaning of the Name Drina

The first name Drina is of English, Greek, Hispanic, Spanish origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Defender of Mankind. Feminine of Alexander
Greek: Defender of Mankind. Feminine of Alexander
Hispanic: Helper and Defender of Mankind
Spanish: Short Form of Alexandrina

Similar Names

Darin | Drama | Drona | Durin | Darena | Darina | Doriana | Dorine | Dreena |

Related Names

Adrina  (Italian)
Adrina  (Latin)
From Adria, the Adriatic Sea Region. Also Means Dark
Alastrina  (Irish)
Alexandrina (Alestriona)
Alejandrina  (Spanish)
Defender of Man
Alewndrina  (Latin)
Defender of Man
Alexandra  (Greek)
Helper of Men, Another Form is Alexandrina, Passionate, Bold, Enterprising
Alexandrina  (English)
Feminine Form of Greek Alexander Meaning Defender of Man, Common in Britain. Queen Victoria's First Name Was Alexandrina
Alexandrina  (Greek)
Variant of Alexandra: a Feminine Form of Alexander Meaning Defender of Men, Used in Britain; it Became Popular After the Marriage of Future King Edward Vii to Princess Alexandra of Denmark
Andrina  (Greek)
Manly. Brave. Feminine Form of Andrew
Andrina  (Latin)
Feminine of Andrew
Audrina  (English)
Nobility; Strength
Badrinath  (Indian)
Lord of Mt.Badri
Badrinath  (Indian)
Lord of Mt.Badri
Cedrina  (English)
Modern Feminine of Cedric
Dreena  (Spanish)
Short Form of Alexandrina

Additional Names

Jeruel | Hateya | Agrippina | Woodward | Ripley | Mogens | Astra | Janis | Sapphira | Chassidy | Hareef | Ingharr | Zohar | Bedwyr | Ashton |