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Meaning of the Name Corin

The first name Corin is of Irish, Shakespearean, French, Greek origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Irish: Spear Bearer. Also a Variant of Corey: from the Hollow
Shakespearean: 'As You Like It' a Shepherd
French: A Maiden
Greek: Maiden

Similar Names

Cerin | Corann | Corran | Corren | Corrin | Corwan | Corwin | Corwine | Corwyn | Curan |

Related Names

Charity  (French)
From the Old French 'Charite' Meaning Christian Love, Based on the Latin 'Cantos' Charity is Held Up in the New Testament (I Corinthians ) As the Greatest of the Three Christian Virtues, With Faith an
Cora  (Greek)
Maiden, Other Forms Corinne, Ingenuous, Vague, Idealistic.(Cory, Corey, Corette, Coretta, Corinne, Corita)
Corina  (Latin)
Variant of Corinne: Maiden
Corina  (French)
Corine  (French)
From the Name Corinne
Corine  (Latin)
Variant of Corinne: Maiden
Corinna  (Greek)
Corinne  (Greek)
Corinne  (French)
Maiden. The French Form of Corinna, Now the More Common Form of the Name in the English-speaking World
Corinth  (Biblical)
Which is Satisfied, Ornament, Beauty
Corinth  (Biblical)
Which is Satisfied, Ornament, Beauty
Corinthia  (Greek)
From Corinth
Corinthia  (Greek)
'Woman of Corinth
Corrina  (Latin)
Variant of Corinne: Maiden
Maranatha  (Aramaic)
Come Quickly O Lord; Found in 1st Corinthians in the Bible

Additional Names

Pellanor | Neria | Radhwaan | Moinuddin | Meriel | Rusell | Baageshree | Carrol | Var | Apollonia | Corrado | Sebastiana | Paola | Lillianna | Sully |