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Meaning of the Name Byron

The first name Byron is of English, French, Teutonic origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Barn or Cottage
English: Derived from a Surname and Place Name; Which is Based on the Old English Byre Meaning Cowshed. Famous Bearer: the Poet Lord Byron
French: From the Cottage
Teutonic: From the Cottage

Similar Names

Baran | Barin | Baron | Barron | Bern | Bernon | Biron | Bran | Bren | Brion |

Related Names

Allegra  (Italian)
Meaning Cheerful or Lively, Related to the Musical Term Allegro. Allegra Was the Name Given by the Poet Byron to His Illegitimate Daughter Born In
Caroline  (Italian)
Strong. an Italian Feminine Form of Charles. Famous Bearer: Th Century Caroline of Ansbach Was the German Wife of English King George Ii. Lady Caroline Lamb Had a Famous Liaison With Poet Lord Byron
Haidee  (Greek)
Modest, Well-behaved, or Caressed. Famous Bearer: Haidee Was a Character in Byron's Don Juan
Leila  (Persian)
Dark. Born at Night. Heroine of Byron's 'The Giaour'
Zuleika  (Persian)
Brilliant Beauty. Famous Bearer: the Heroine in Byron's Poem 'The Bride of Abydos'

Additional Names

Sadie | Yunisha | Eubulus | Margot | Ellery | Kerrie | Saariyah | Joanne | Louisa | Gitika | Deiene | Gitta | Keelin | Henadad | Connor |