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Names That Mean Bella

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Looking for names that mean Bella? We couldn't find the exact name Bella, but listed below are some first names meaning Bella or names similar to the word Bella.

Similar Names

Bala | Beal | Beale | Beall | Bela | Belah | Belay | Belial | Bell | Bello |

Related Names

Isabella  (Spanish)
From Isabel
Isabella  (Hebrew)
Devoted to God
Isabella  (Italian)
Consecrated to God
Izabella  (Hebrew)
Devoted to God
Lilybella  (Latin)
Beautiful Lily
Mabella  (English)
Variant of Mabel: Diminutive of Amabel: Lovable
Mabella  (Latin)
Diminutive of Amabel: Beautiful, Loving, Lovable.Amabel Was Used Frequently During the Middle Ages and Briefly in the Th Century, and Has Now Been Largely Replaced by the Diminutive Mabel
Mariabella  (Spanish)
Beautiful Mary
Maribella  (Latin)
Beautiful Marie. Blend of Mari and Belle
Maribella  (Hebrew)
Minty  (English)
Diminutive of Araminta: Thought to Be a Compound of Arabella and Aminta, Invented by Restoration Dramatist Sir John Vanbrugh
Mirabella  (French)
Of Incredible Beauty
Mirabella  (Latin)
Variant of Mirabel: Wonderful
Oribella  (Latin)
Beautiful Golden Child
Rosabella  (Latin)
Beautiful Rose
Rosabella  (German)
Noted Protector. Also a Variant of Rose: Horse; Fame
Rosabella  (English)
Variant of Rose: Rose (Flower Name)
Sibella  (Greek)
Prophetess; Oracle
Sybella  (Greek)
Prophetess; Oracle
Tibby  (Spanish)
Beautiful. Diminutive of Isabel: Devoted to God. A Spanish Variant of Elizabeth. The Latinized Variant, Isabella, Has Become Popular Since the Th Century

Additional Names

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