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Meaning of the Name Ardina

The first name Ardina is of Latin origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Latin: Ardent. Eager. Industrious

Similar Names

Arden | Ardin | Ardon | Ardena | Ardene | Ardine | Ardinia | Ardyne | Aretina |

Related Names

Beaufort  (Shakespearean)
'Henry Vi, Part ' Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter, Great-uncle to King Henry Vi, Bishop of Winchester, and Afterwards, in 'Henry Vi, Part ', Cardinal Beaufort. Cardinal. 'Henry Vi, Part ' John Beaufor
Bernardina  (German)
Feminine Form of Bernard: from an Old German Compound Meaning Bear-hard, or Brave As a Bear
Bernardina  (Teutonic)
Intelligent Maiden
Bourchier  (Shakespearean)
'King Richard Iii' Cardinal Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury
Faith  (English)
Faith and Devotion, from Cardinal Virtue,Chaste, Unimaginative, Studious
Gerhardina  (German)
Mighty With a Spear
Hope  (English)
From the Cardinal Virtue, Sensitive, Forgiving, Lively
Pandulph  (Shakespearean)
'King John' Cardinal Pandulph, the Pope's Legate
Winchester  (Shakespearean)
'Henry Vi, I' Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter, Henry Vi's Great-uncle, Bishop of Winchester, Cardinal in 'Henry Vi, Part '. 'Henry Vi, Part ' John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset, Later Duke. 'King Henry V
Wolsey  (Shakespearean)
'King Henry the Eighth' Cardinal Campeius

Additional Names

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