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Meaning of the Name Anya

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The first name Anya is of Russian, Greek, English, Egyptian origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Russian: Gracious
Russian: Variant of Hebrew Hannah. Favor. Grace
Greek: Variant of Anna: a Variant of Hannah. in Virgil's 'Aeneid', Anna Was Sister of Dido, Queen of Carthage. According to an Apocryphal Gospel, Anna Was Also the Mother of the Virgin Mary
English: Variant of Anna. British Novelist Anya Seton
Russian: From the Name Anna
Egyptian: God's Grace & Mercy

Similar Names

Amma | An | Anah | Anaia | Anan | Ananya | Anaya | Ane | Anem | Anen |

Related Names

Abhimanya  (Hindu)
Short Tempered
Adanya  (African)
Her Father's Daughter. (Nigerian)
Alek  (Russian)
Defender of Mankind (Sanya, Shurik)
Ananya  (Hindu)
One-of-a-kind; Unique
Ananya  (Hindu)
Ananya  (Indian)
Anna  (Russian)
Grace ( Anya,Anechka)
Atuanya  (African)
A Surprise; Unexpected. (Nigerian)
Azanyahu  (Hebrew)
Variant of Azaniah: God is Listening; God Listens
Banyan  (English)
The Banyan Tree
Brittanya  (Latin)
A Poetic Name for Great Britain
Chaitanya  (Indian)
life, knowledge
Chaitanya  (Hindu)
Chaitanya  (Hindu)
Energy, Knowledge, Name of a Saint
Daganya  (Hebrew)
Ceremonial Grain
Daganyah  (Hebrew)
Ceremonial Grain
Danya  (Ukrainian)
God's Gift
Danya  (Russian)
Given by God (Bohdan,Dania)
Danya  (Russian)
God's Gift
Danya  (Hebrew)
Feminine Form of Daniel: God is My Judge
Danya  (English)
Feminine Variant of Daniel: God Will Judge
Dhanyata  (Indian)
success, fulfilment
Dhanyata  (Hindu)
Success, Fulfilment
Fanya  (Russian)
Free One (Fayina)
Fanya  (Slavic)
Ganya  (Hindu)
Notable,Important Man
Ganya  (Russian)
Worships God
Ganya  (Hebrew)
Garden of the Lord
Gavril  (Russian)
Man of God (Ganya,Gav)
Hiranya  (Indian)
Hiranyagarbha  (Hindu)
A Golden Egg
Ivan  (Russian)
God's Gracious Gift (Vanya,Vanyusha)
Jane  (Hebrew)
God is Gracious (Jan, J'Ane, Jana, Janeen, Jayne, Janie, Jean, Jeanie, Jeanne, Joann, Johanna, Joan, Joanna, Joanne, Joni, Jonie, Juanita, Vanya)
Kanya  (Hindu)
Kanya  (Hindu)
Kuwanyamtiwa  (Native American)
Beautiful Badger Going Over the Hill (Hopi)
Kuwanyauma  (Native American)
Butterfly Showing Beautiful Wings (Hopi)
Latanya  (Native American)
Creation (Latania, Latonia)
Latanya  (African American)
The Fairy Queen
Lavanya  (Hindu)
Lavanya  (Hindu)
Lavanya  (Indian)
Manya  (Russian)
Manya  (Hindu)
A Respectable Person
69 names found for "Anya"   (page 1 of 2) 

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