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Meaning of the Name Ammon

The first name Ammon is of Biblical, Egyptian, Hebrew origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Biblical: A People; the Son of My People
Egyptian: God of a United Egypt
Hebrew: Variant of Amon: Secret; Faithful; Roaring Stream

Similar Names

Aamin | Aenon | Aimon | Amaan | Aman | Ameen | Amen | Amin | Aminon | Amma |

Related Names

Hammon  (Biblical)
Heat, the Sun
Hammon  (Biblical)
Heat, the Sun
Hammond  (German)
Derived from the Old German Word Haimund for House or Home Protector. A Variant of Hamo Used More Frequently As a Surname, Rather Than As a First Name. Famous Bearer: Hammond Innes
Hammond  (English)
Variant of Hamo: House or Home. Introduced from Germany During the Norman Conquest. Also Used As a Surname
Jephthah  (Hebrew)
To Open. to Release. in the Old Testament, Jephthah Was a Leader of the Israelites and Was Obliged to Sacrifice His Only Daughter in Return for God's Help to Defeat the Ammonites
Lamont  (Scandinavian)
Man of Law (Lamonte, Lammond, Montyl
Mammon  (Biblical)
Shala  (English)
Shala is from Babylonian Mythology. She Was the Wife of Rammon, the Storm-god

Additional Names

Ife | Bebe | Leila | Terrie | Belden | Jemila | Haddad | ChIyses | Trina | Joss | Thor | Tatyana | Alysse | Brina | Anieli |