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Meaning of the Name Agha

The first name Agha is of Muslim origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Muslim: Master. Owner

Similar Names

Aaghaa | Achak | Achaz | Aga | Agag | Age | Agee | Aghy | Ahaz | Aja |

Related Names

Aaghaa  (Muslim)
Variant of Agha: Master. Owner
Aaqaa  (Muslim)
Variant of Agha: Master. Owner
Aghaderg  (Irish)
From the Red Ford
Aghadreena  (Irish)
From the Field of the Sloe Bushes
Aghamarshan  (Hindu)
Destroyer of Sin
Aghamora  (Irish)
From the Great Field
Aghamore  (Irish)
From the Great Field
Aghanashini  (Indian)
destroyer of sins
Aghanashini  (Hindu)
Destroyer of Sins. Origin: Sanskrit
Aghaveagh  (Irish)
From the Field of the Old Tree
Aghavilla  (Irish)
From the Field of the Old Tree
Aqa  (Muslim)
Variant of Agha: Master. Owner
Bhraghad  (Scottish)
From the Upper Part
Callaghan  (Irish)
Strife. Saint Callaghan Was an Irish Saint
Fionnaghuala  (Gaelic)
White, Fair, Clear. Variations: Fenella, Finella, Finola, Fionnaghal, Fionnala, Fionnauala, Fionnghala, Fionnghuala, Fionnuala, Fionola. Short Forms: Nuala. (Fih-nel-lah)
Keaghan  (Celtic)
Son of Egan
Margaret  (Greek)
Pearl, Precious One (Madge, Maggie, Maisie, Margarita, Marge, Margery, Marjorie, Margo, Margot, Margit, Margitte, Marguerite, Meg, Megan, Meghan, Meaghan, Meggy, Peg, Peggy)
Meaghan  (Celtic/Gaelic)
A Pearl
Meaghan  (Welsh)
Variant of Margaret - Pearl - Based on the Abbreviation Meg
Meghan  (Gaelic)
Soft, Gentle (Meaghan, Maygan, Maegan, Meggan, Meghann)
Raghallach  (Gaelic)
Raghavanka  (Hindu)
Name of a Poet of Karnataka
Raghavendra  (Hindu)
Best Among Raghus
Reaghan  (Celtic)
Reaghan  (Celtic)
Seaghan  (Gaelic)
God is Gracious; a Variant of Eoin, Which is the Gaelic Form of John. Anglicization: Shane. (Shane)
Shane  (English)
God is Gracious; Anglicized Form of Gaelic Seaghan, a Variant of Eoin, Which is the Gaelic Form of John
SIuaghan  (Gaelic)

Additional Names

Anasztaizia | Zara | Otway | Warren | Marcade | Berenice | Penha | Isabelle | Cedrica | Taymullah | Leonie | Lewis | Malika | Allie | Kerr |