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Baby names beginning with "W"

657 names found for "W"   (page 10 of 14) 

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Willsn  (Anglo Saxon)
Willy  (English)
Diminutive of William or Any Names Begining With 'Will-' ; 'Resolute Protector; Will.'
Wilma  (English)
Determined Guardian; a Short Form of Wilhelmina. (Valma, Vilma)
Wilmar  (Teutonic)
Famous and Loved
Wilmarie  (English)
Combination of Willa & Marie
Wilmer  (German)
Beloved and Famous
Wilmet  (Teutonic)
Firm Defender
Wilmod  (German)
Resolute Spirit
Wilmot  (Teutonic)
Beloved Heart
Wilna  (Teutonic)
Firm Defender
Wilny  (American)
Eagle Singing When Flying
Wilona  (English)
Desired ( Wilone )
Wilone  (Anglo Saxon)
Hoped For
Wilpert  (German)
Resolute or Brilliant
Wilson  (English)
Son of Will. Surname
Wilton  (English)
Farm by the Spring
Wilu  (American)
Chicken Hawk Calling Wi
Wilva  (Teutonic)
Wim  (Teutonic)
Strong Helmet
WiMor  (Polish)
Polish Form of Victor 'Victor'
Win  (English)
Win  (Welsh)
Diminutive of Winifred: Blessed Reconciliation
Wincel  (English)
From the Bend in the Road
Wincent  (Latin)
Winchell  (Anglo Saxon)
Drawer of Water
Winchester  (Shakespearean)
'Henry Vi, I' Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter, Henry Vi's Great-uncle, Bishop of Winchester, Cardinal in 'Henry Vi, Part '. 'Henry Vi, Part ' John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset, Later Duke. 'King Henry V
Wind  (American)
Moving Air
Winda  (Swahili)
Windell  (English)
Traveler; Wanderer
Windgate  (English)
From the Winding Gate
Windham  (English)
From the Windy Viilage
Windsor  (Teutonic)
From the Bend of the River
Wine  (Anglo Saxon)
Winefeld  (Teutonic)
Friend of the Soil
Winefield  (English)
From a Friend's Field
Winefred  (Welsh)
White Wave. Also a Variant of Winifred: Blessed Reconciliation
Winefrith  (English)
Friend of Peace
Winema  (Native American)
Winetorp  (English)
From Wine's Estate
Winfield  (German)
Friend of the Field
Winfred  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Friend of Peace
Winfreda  (Teutonic)
Winfrid  (English)
Variant of Winfred: Peaceful Friend; Friend of Peace
Winfrith  (English)
Friend of Peace
Winfryd  (Teutonic)
Friend of Peace
Wing  (Chinese)
Wingate  (English)
From the Winding Gate
Winifred  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Friend of Peace
Winifreda  (German)
Peaceful Friend
Winifrid  (German)
Peaceful Friend
657 names found for "W"   (page 10 of 14) 

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