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Baby names beginning with "L"

1517 names found for "L"   (page 9 of 31) 

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Lavey  (Hebrew)
From the Name Levi
Lavi  (Hebrew)
Lavina  (Spanish)
Derived from the Roman Given Name Levinia
Lavinia  (Spanish)
Derived from the Roman Given Name Levinia
Lavonn  (American)
Lavonne  (French)
Lavra  (Latin)
LaVyrle  (English)
Famous Bearer: Bestselling Romance Lovelist Lavyrle Spencer. Origin Unknown. May Be a Derivative of the French Laverna, Meaning Born in the Spring
Law  (English)
From the Hill
Lawanda  (American)
Little Wanderer
Lawe  (English)
From the Hill
Lawena  (Latin)
Lawford  (English)
From the Ford at the Hill
Lawler  (Gaelic)
One Who Mumbles
Lawley  (English)
From the Hill Meadow
Lawly  (English)
From the Hill Meadow
Lawrence  (English)
A Modern English Form of Laurence and the Preferred Form in America
Lawrencia  (Latin)
Crowned With Laurels
Lawrie  (Latin)
Diminutive of Lawrence: of Laurentum. from the Place of the Laurel Leaves. Can Also Be Interpreted As the English Version of the Irish Name Lorcan: Fierce
Lawron  (Latin)
Lawson  (English)
Son of Law or Lawrence
Lawton  (English)
From the Hillside Farm
Lay  (English)
From the Meadow Farm
Laycie  (English)
Derived from Lacey Which is a French Nobleman's Surname Brought to British Isles After Norman Conquest
Layla  (Egyptian)
Born at Night
Layla  (Hebrew)
Laylah  (Sanskrit)
Born at Night
Laylie  (Hebrew)
Layne  (English)
Narrow Road
Layne  (English)
One from the Narrow Road (Lane, Laine)
Layton  (English)
Variant of Leighton: Herb Garden. from the Meadow Farm. A Surname and Place Name
Lazar  (Hebrew)
God Will Help
Lazaro  (Spanish)
Help of God
Lazarus  (Biblical)
Assistance of God
Lazlo  (Slavic)
Famous Ruler
Lazzaro  (Hebrew)
God Will Help
Le  (Chinese)
Le Beau  (Shakespearean)
'As You Like It' a Courtier Attending Upon Frederick
Lea  (Greek)
Bringer of Good News
Leachlainn  (Irish)
Leagsaidh  (Scottish)
Defender of Mankind; a Scottish Form of Lexy, a Pet Form of Alexandra. (Leks-ee)
Leah  (English)
Leal  (French)
Leal  (French)
Leala  (French)
Lealia  (French)
Loyal. Loyalty. Faithful
Leamhnach  (Gaelic)
Lives Near the Place Abounding in Elm Trees
Lean  (Scottish)
Serves John
Leana  (English)
Derived from an Irish Gaelic of Helen: (Light;Beautiful Woman); Variant of Liana: (Youthful;Bond)
Leander  (English)
Form of Leander. 'Lionlike Man.'
1517 names found for "L"   (page 9 of 31) 

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