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Meaning of the Name Layne

The first name Layne is of English origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Narrow Road
English: One from the Narrow Road (Lane, Laine)
English: Path; Roadway

Similar Names

Laine | Lane | Lannie | Lanny | Lanu | Lany | Leane | Leone | Line | Llyn |

Related Names

Alayne  (Gaelic)
Alayne  (Irish)
Beautiful. Dear Child
Allayne  (English)
Variant of Alan: Fair; Handsome. Also Both a Diminutive of Albert (Noble, Bright) and an Abbreviation of Names Beginning With Al-
Blayne  (Scottish)
Variant of Blaine
Blayne  (Gaelic)
Feminine Form of Blaine: Thin
Blayne  (Celtic)
Blayne  (English)
Blayney  (Celtic)
Charlayne  (French)
Feminine of Charles Meaning Manly
Elayne  (Arthurian Legend)
Mother of Lancelot
Ellayne  (French)
Shining Light. Variant of Helen
Jillayne  (English)
Jove's Child. Variant of Gillian from the Masculine Julian
Lane  (English)
Narrow Road (Lanie, Lanni, Lannie, Layne)
Marlayne  (German)
Variant of Madeline 'Woman from Magdala
Marlayne  (English)
Variant of Marlene, Derived from Madeline: Woman from Magdala
Marlayne  (English)
Variant of Madeline 'Woman from Magdala.'

Additional Names

Odharnait | Troy | Haripriya | Comfort | Kedar | Cadwr | Aldonza | Gaizka | Mahala | Zeresh | Hisolda | Cardew | Akihiko | Themis | Siddhi |