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Meaning of the Name Winn

The first name Winn is of Welsh, English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Welsh: Handsome
English: Friend

Similar Names

Wain | Wann | Wim | Win | Wine | Winnie | Wyn | Wyne | Wynn | Wynne |

Related Names

Ahusaka  (Native American)
Winnebago Word for Wings
Anona  (Latin)
From the Latin 'Annona' Meaning Grain Harvest. Also a Compound of Ann and Nona. Famous Bearer: British Radio Personality Anona Winn
Aswinn  (English)
Variant of Aswin: Friend With a Spear
Baldwinn  (German)
Variant of Baldwin: Brave Friend
Bob  (Teutonic)
Winner Over All
Chas chunk a  (Native American)
Wave (Winnebago)
Edwinna  (English)
Rich in Friendship. Feminine of Edwin
Enzo  (Italian)
Winner. Italian Form of Henry 'Rules the Home'
Ernie  (English)
A Diminutive of Ernest Sometimes Used As an Independent Name. Also, in England, 'Ernie' Refers to the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment Which Selects Winning Premium Bond Numbers
Faizah  (Muslim)
Victorious. Winner
Fath  (Arabic)
Variant of Fathi: Winner; to Win
Fathi  (Arabic)
Winner; to Win
Fawzi  (Arabic)
Fawzia  (Arabic)
Fayiz  (Islamic)
Victor, Winner
Fayiz  (Arabic)
Fee'iza  (Muslim)
Variant of Faizah: Victorious. Winner
Feroz  (Hindu)
Variant of Firoz: Winner
Feroze  (Hindu)
Variant of Firoz: Winner
Firoz  (Hindu)
Firuz  (Hindu)
Variant of Firoz: Winner
He lush ka  (Native American)
Fighter (Winnebago)
Hippomenes  (Greek)
Winner of Atalanta
Malo  (Hawaiian)
Na'ila  (Muslim)
Naa'ila  (Muslim)
Variant of Na'Ila: Winner
Nawkaw  (Native American)
Wood (Winnebago)
Nyla  (Greek)
Nyla  (Greek)
Winner (Nila)
Samarajit  (Hindu)
Winner of Battles
Tory  (American)
Vicky  (American)
Winner, Conqueror
Victor  (Latin)
Winner, Conqueror
Victoria  (Latin)
Winner, Conqueror
Winifred  (English)
Winna  (English)
Friend ( Winnah ). Origin: African
Winnie  (English)
Diminutive of Winston: from Wine's Town; from a Friend's Town. Famous Bearer: Sir Winston Churchill (-), World War Ii British Statesman
Winnie  (English)
A Short Form of Gwyneth; Winona; Wynne. ( Winni, Winny )
Winnie  (Welsh)
Diminutive of Winifred: Blessed Reconciliation
Winnie  (Celtic)
White or Fair
Winnifred  (English)
Peaceful Friend; a Form of Guinevere. ( Freddi, Freddie, Freddy, Fredi, Ona, Oana, Una, Winifred, Winnie, Winne, Winny, Wynn). Origin: Old German
Winnifred  (Welsh)
White Wave. Also a Variant of Winifred: Blessed Reconciliation
Wynne  (Celtic)
White, Fair. A Short Form of Gwendolyn, Gwyneth. (Winne, Winnie, Winny, Wynn). Origin: Welsh

Additional Names

Ruchira | Shehariah | Delicea | Hefeydd | Paige | Frances | Deann | Brittney | Karon | Andrew | Jenene | Madan | Nyako | Athdar | Engres |