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Meaning of the Name Stewart

The first name Stewart is of English, Anglo Saxon, Scottish origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Bailiff
English: From the Name Stuart
Anglo Saxon: Steward
Scottish: Steward. A Medieval Steward Was Charged With the Care of Castle and Estate Affairs. Also a Variant of Stuart (The Royal House of Scotland from the Th to the Th Century). Surname
English: Steward; Surname Originated from an Occupational Name Derived from the Old English Stiward, Stiweard (Steward, Keeper of the Animal Enclosure), Variations: Stuart. Short Forms: Stew, Stu. (Styoo-art)

Similar Names

Steward | Stewert | Stuart |

Related Names

Stuart  (English)
Estate Keeper (Stewart)
Stuart  (Scottish)
Steward. Stuart and Stewart are Clan Names of the Royal House of Scotland; Stuart is the Family Name of Many Kings of England. Surname

Additional Names

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