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Meaning of the Name Roper

The first name Roper is of English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Maker of Rope

Similar Names

Rafer | Rapere | River | Rover | Rovere |

Related Names

Adnan  (Muslim)
Proper Name. Ancestor of North Arabia
Biminak  (Native American)
Slick Roper
Collton  (English)
Variant of Colton: from a Dark Town. Also a Variant of Colston: Unknown Owner of Property
Colston  (English)
Unknown Owner of Property
Colt  (English)
From the Dark Town. Diminutive of Colston: Unknown Owner of Property
Edek  (Polish)
Guardian of Property
Firyal  (Muslim)
Proper Name
Hind  (Muslim)
Proper Name. India. Land of Hindus
Khawlah  (Muslim)
Proper Name
Lander  (English)
Owner of Property
Lu'ay  (Muslim)
Proper Name
Maazin  (Muslim)
Variant of Mazin: Proper Name
Mazin  (Muslim)
Proper Name
Nusaybah  (Muslim)
Proper Name
Samanjas  (Hindu)
Befitting, Proper
Saudaa  (Muslim)
Variant of Soudah: Proper Name. Black
Sawda  (Muslim)
Variant of Soudah: Proper Name. Black
Soudah  (Muslim)
Proper Name. Black
Suhayr  (Muslim)
Proper Name
Sumayyah  (Muslim)
Proper Name
Tumadur  (Muslim)
Proper Name
Ura  (Norse)
From the Corner Property
Wray  (Norse)
From the Corner Property
Yaman  (Muslim)
Proper Name
Yameenah  (Muslim)
Variant of Yaminah: Right and Proper
Yaminah  (Muslim)
Right and Proper
Yusra  (Muslim)
Proper Name

Additional Names

Raphah | Elexa | Earlene | Kenda | Kellie | Najib | Katarzyna | Wajih | Medha | Elpenor | Jonell | Ansgar | Sandra | DeWitt | Abarron |