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Meaning of the Name Rolf

The first name Rolf is of German, Teutonic, English, Norman, Norse, Scandinavian, Swedish origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

German: Famed Wolf; Wolf Counsel
Teutonic: Famous Wolf
English: Red Wolf
Norman: Wolf (Rolfe)
Norse: Wolf
Scandinavian: Wolf
Swedish: Wolf

Similar Names

Ralf | Rolfe | Rolph |

Related Names

Aegileif  (Norse)
Daughter of Hrolf Helgason
Geirolf  (Norse)
Wolf Spear
Hrolf  (Norse)
Kolgrim  (Norse)
Son of Hrolf
Rawlins  (Anglo Saxon)
Son of Rolfe
Rolfe  (Teutonic)
Famous Wolf
Rolfe  (English)
Red Wolf
Rollo  (German)
Variant of Rolf: Famed Wolf; Wolf Counsel. Also a Diminutive of Roland: Renowned in the Land
Rolph  (German)
Variant of Rolf: Famed Wolf; Wolf Counsel
Thorolf  (Norse)
Thor's Wolf
Thrasi  (Norse)
Son of Thorolf
Vestar  (Norse)
Son of Thorolf

Additional Names

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